Saturday, May 9, 2009

Radzinsky and Phil beat Sawyer to get answers, Horace objects

At the security building, Sawyer and Juliet are bound to chairs. Radzinsky points to Kate on the monitor and asks Sawyer where she is. Sawyer says "I want my lawyer" and Radzinsky punches him in the face. Horace objects to what Radzinsky is doing but Radzinksy asks Sawyer the same question again and then hits him again. Horace tells Radzinsky to stop and says "I'm still in charge." Radzinsky tells Horace that he was in charge but to protect their people and the work they're doing, Horace does not have the stomach for what comes next. Horace hesitantly backs away and let's Radzinsky continue.

Radzinsky calls Phil over who grabs Sawyer by the head and slams him into the desk in front of the monitors. Radzinsky tells Sawyer that this is his last chance to tell him where Kate is or "So help me God, I will kill you."

Not much to say here except it seems odd how quickly Horace cowers everytime Radzinsky challenges him. Obviously Horace is not a real leader.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Jack tells Eloise that he thinks they can change what happened, Kate isn't happy about it

Erik the other throws Kate on the ground in Eloise's tent and then gets a punch in the face when he tells Erik to take it easy on her. Erik tells them not to talk, but they do anyway. Kate asks Jack what he meant earlier when he said that they needed to put things back the way they were supposed to be. Jack says that if they can do what Daniel said, Oceanic 815 never crashes and all of the people that have died since they got to the island would still be alive. Kate asks "And what about us? We just... go on living our life because we've never met?" Jack says that all of the misery they've experienced would be wiped clean. Kate says "It was not all misery" and Jack replies "Enough of it was." Kate has tears in her eyes at this point.

Eloise walks in and asks what Daniel needed the bomb for. Jack says "I don't think you'd believe me if I did." Eloise tells Jack that when she was 17 years old, she took Daniel to the bomb where he told her if they buried it, things would be okay. She says that Daniel told her he was from the future and then disappeared before her eyes. Before Daniel died, he told her that she was his son. She says that if he explains things to her that she will believe him.

She then pulls out Daniel's journal and asks "How is this my handwriting if I don't remember writing it?" Jack says "Because you haven't written it yet." Jack tells Eloise that he thinks that if they can it all back and Daniel will not be shot. He says that if they do what is in that journal, none of this will have happened. Eloise turns to Kate and asks "Does he know what he's talking about?" Kate says "He thinks he does."

Eloise says that she'll take them to the bomb, but they buried it over 20 years ago and now there's a village over it. The Dharma barracks were built over where Jughead is buried. Eloise says it should be simple since they have been passing themselves off as members, but Jack says that it'll be more complicated than that.

Kate seems to be leaving out here that if Oceanic 815 doesn't crash, she'd be in jail for killing Wayne. I do believe that her emotions about the island experiences are real though. Jack is determined to change things though and is willing to sacrifice knowing Kate to have never experienced the island. Something tells me that things won't work out exactly how Jack wants them to though.

Locke tells Sun that he'll help find their friends, Ricahard's compass

At the others beach camp, Sun is once again looking at Jin's wedding ring, thinking about what Richard told her about all of the Dharma folk or her friends, it's unclear, being dead. Locke comes over to her and she asks him does he think it's true that all of their friends are dead. Locke says "I don't think we went through all this for nothing Sun. Richard Alpert comes over and Locke asks him if he still has the compass that he gave him. Richard pulls it out of his pocket and says "Little rusty but she can still find north."

Locke calls over to Ben who is sitting on the beach near-by and asks him to join he and Richard on their errand. Ben asks if Locke is afraid to leave him there with his former people and also asks if he thinks he'll stage a coup. Locke says "I'm not afraid of anything you can do anymore, Ben." Ben says that in that case, he's love to come. Locke tells Sun to stay there and he'll be back in a few hours. He continues saying "But whatever happens, Sun, you have my word--if there's a way for you and Jin to be together again, if there's a way to save our people... I'll find it."

Whatever Locke's source of confidence is, it seems to have made him cocky. Again we are left asking, who is giving him his directions right now?

Richard Alpert works on a ship in a bottle, Locke returns to lead the others

In 2007, the others have set up camp on the beach. We see Richard Alpert under a tent/canopy working on a ship in a bottle that looks similar to the Black Rock (see the photos of the Black Rock painting here, but it does look similar to the photo from the Lost Experience here).

An other named Vanessa runs over and tells Richard "he's here." Richard gets up and sees John Locke walking into camp with a dead board on his back. Locke says "I brought dinner." Richard seems stunned and says to Locke "It's been three years" and then asks what happened. Locke tells him that he'll explain on the way and says they have an errand to run and they don't have a lot of time. Richard is staring at Locke and Locke asks "What's wrong?" Richard says "There's something different about you." Locke leans in and says "I have a purpose now." Sun and Ben then walk into the camp and Richard asks what Ben is doing here. Locke says "He helped me get back."

Sun asks Ben why Locke said that these are his people. Ben says that Locke became the leader after he left the island. Sun asks Ben who Locke is talking to. Ben says that it is Richard Alpert who acts as an "adviser" and that he's had that job for a "very, very long time." Sun grabs the Dharma recruit picture and runs towards Richard and Locke. Ben seems concerned that Sun is approaching Richard and he calls her name.

Sun asks Richard if he was here in 1977. She shows him the picture and asks again if he was there and if he remembers any of them. Richard says that he was here thirty years ago and he clearly remembers meeting them because he watched them all die.

So there is something different about Locke and I think we can trust Richard's instinct when he points it out. What did Locke's resurrection change in him or is he not truly alive? Was Ben right we he said "Dead is dead?"

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Eloise looks through Daniel's journal, finds her note to him

Eloise is sitting next to Daniel's body flipping through his journal. There area a bunch of equations in there with one marked "Check out these theories!!! Might be onto something." Eloise comes to the first page where she wrote Daniel the note in his journal, only the younger Eloise hasn't actually written it yet.

Charles Widmore comes into the camp with Jack and Kate and asks what happened with Daniel. Richard tells her the situation and then asks where he found Jack and Kate. Widmore says the were "Crouched in the bushes like rats." Eloise asks Jack and Kate if they came here with Daniel and Jack says yes. Eloise tells the other others to put them in her tent. One of the others seen in the 12th shot is Erik, a recurring other.

Widmore akss Eloise why the Dharma Initiative seems to have declared war on them. Eloise says that these people are not part of the Dharma Initiative. Widmore asks "Then where the hell are they from?"

Kate seems pissed that Jack told Eloise that they came there with Daniel. She doesn't seem to like the idea of changing the events that have already happened.