Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Daniel tells young Charlotte that she'll have to leave the island

As Jack, Kate and Daniel are walking towards the motor pool, Kate says that the others won't be happy to see them so they should be armed. She says there's a gun safe at the motor pool and Jack has the keys. Daniel gets distracted and tells them that he has something to do and will meet them in a few minutes.

Daniel heads towards and swing set where young Charlotte is swinging and eating a chocolate bar. Charlotte says "I'm not allowed to have chocolate before dinner." This is the same thing she said shortly before she died in the jungle. Daniel tells her that it okay and he won't tell. Charlotte introduces herself as does Daniel and he tells her that he's new here. Daniel tells her that hopefully soon, Dr. Pierre Chang will come and tell a bunch of people to get on the submarine and leave the island. He says that Charlotte and her mother have to leave in case what's he plans to do doesn't work. He says that he tried to avoid telling her this because he thought he couldn't change things, he now thinks he might be able to. He clearly upset young Charlotte which is what she'll later remember as she's dying.

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