Friday, May 28, 2010

Ben meets Danielle Rousseau, gets emotional about Alex

At the school, Ben is struggling to get to his keys since his left arm is in a sling. He drops them and Alex comes over to help and inquires about what happened. She asks why anyone would want to hurt him since he's "like, the nicest guy ever."

Alex insists that he shouldn't drive since he only has one hand like Napoleon. She asks her mother who is in the car near-by if they can give him a ride home. As expected, Danielle Rousseau appears (it's the first time we've seen her since she was shot by Keamy's team in the season 4 episode "Meet Kevin Johnson"). Danielle says that a ride is the least they can do for Ben after the help he's given Alex.

Alex then asks him if he wants to come to dinner and Danielle insists, saying even if they have to kidnap him (a nod to the fact that Ben kidnapped Alex on the island).

Later at the Rousseau home, Ben is helping clean up after dinner. Danielle says that it is nice to cook for someone other than just Alex. Ben asks what happened to her father, and Danielle says that he died when Alex was two (very different from the island timeline). Danielle says that's probably why Alex is so attached to Ben since he's the closest thing to a father she's ever had.

Ben looks at Alex in the other room working at a desk and starts to get choked up. When he returns to the kitchen, Danielle asks if he's alright, and Ben says that it must be the onions. She says that she'll have to use less next time and they share a look like they're about to kiss as we hear the infamous sideways woosh.

So it's interesting to see Ben and Danielle have a budding romantic connection in the sideways. It's nice to see Ben as a humble, emotional character that he doesn't show in the island timeline.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Smoke monster takes out Richard, Locke makes a deal with Ben

Locke arrives on the main island and sees Zoe and Widmore's gear in an outrigger canoe. He looks at in for a moment then moves on.

The the barracks, Zoe arrives and tells Widmore that they need to go. Widmore tells them that they are going to hide in Ben's secret room. Ben says that he's not going to hide because Locke's going to find him sooner or later.

Miles says that he's going to survive by running through the jungle, but before he leaves, Ben asks for Widmore and Zoe's walkie talkies and gives one to Miles. Before Widmore goes into the secret room, he tells Ben that Locke is going to kill him. Ben says "Then I guess this is goodbye."

Richard then decides that he's going to talk to Locke, since all he wants is for him to join him. As Richard and Ben slowly walk outside, they suddenly hear the sound of the smoke monster approaching. In one motion, the smoke monster catches Richard by the neck and tosses him off into the distance.

Ben is stunned, but slowly sits down in a chair in front of his old house. Locke appears and sits down next to him, ominously playing with his knife. He says that Ben is who he was looking for and Ben offers him some lemonade. Locke tells Ben that he wants him to kill some people, and if he does, he can have the island after he leaves.

Ben hesitantly agrees and then after Locke asks whose outrigger is down at the dock, Ben tells him it's Widmore's. When Locke asks where Widmore is, Ben gives it up that they're hiding in his closet.

We're left wondering the fate of Richard, who is not seen for the rest of the episode. We also don't see Miles again. Ben was quick to give up Widmore to Locke, but Widmore is certainly the one person Ben has no interest in forgiving.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Young Jacob takes ashes from Hurley, leads him to older Jacob + Sawyer copes with death

As the group makes their way towards the well to find Desmond, Sawyer asks Jack why Locke wouldn't kill Desmond himself if he wanted him dead. Jack says that it may be one of the rules. That leads Sawyer return to what Jack said on the submarine about Locke not being able to kill them and then asks if he kill "them," meaning Sun, Jin and Sayid. Jack says that he has been wrong before, in an attempt to console Sawyer and then says that Locke was the one who killed them.

Hurley and Kate are lagging behind a bit, when Hurley suddenly stops as he sees young Jacob standing near-by. Kate continues on and then young Jacob appears right behind Hurley and demands the ashes that he took from Ilana's things. When Hurley asks why, Jacob says that they are his.

Jacob snatches the ashes and runs away. Hurley follows for a short distance, before he comes across the Jacob in his older form, sitting next to a fire. Hurley asks Jacob where he's been and Jacob says that it doesn't matter. Hurley then asks if he saw a kid run by with his ashes. Jacob says that the ashes are in the fire and once it goes out, he will never be seen again. He then tells Hurley to get his friends because "We’re very close to the end."

It's interesting that Jacob seems to be able to appear as himself at different ages since he is dead and that he will cease to be after his remains are gone. This might explain why Ilana knew to take the ashes. They were not for protection, but to keep Jacob alive long enough for a candidate to step forward.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Desmond turns himself in to the police, meets Sayid & Kate

As the police officer that Locke hung up on puts down the phone, Desmond approaches his desk and asks to speak to a detective.

Meanwhile, at the police station, Miles is getting dressed for a concert to benefit at his dad's (Pierre Chang) museum. He tells Sawyer that he can still be his date, but Sawyer passes since Charlotte is going to be there.

The officer from the front desk then brings Desmond to Sawyer. Desmond admits to hitting Locke with his car and beating up Ben at the school.

Desmond is led to a holding cell, where is placed between the ones containing Sayid and Kate. He slyly smiles as he introduces himself to Sayid and Kate.

So it became clear here that Desmond wanted to be put in jail so he could interact with Sayid and Kate like he has done with Hurley, Locke and Ben. We get a clearer view later in the episode of his plan later in the episode.