Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sawyer and Juliet shoot two hostiles, save Amy

The group hears two gun shots and a woman screaming. They go check it out and find two natives/hostiles/others holding a gun on Amy. Her husband Paul is lying dead on the ground. It seems that Paul and Amy were having a picnic when the hostiles arrived. They put a bag over Amy's head. Miles says to Daniel, "We don't get involved, right?" Daniel replies "It doesn't matter what we do. Whatever happened, happened. Sawyer and Juliet go to save Amy. Juliet shoots the short haired other and Sawyer shoots the long haired one. Sawyer removes the bag from Amy's head and she asks "Who are you?"

"Whatever happened, happened" is another intriguing line from Daniel Faraday. He is a bit out of it right now, so it's hard to know what to believe though. He seems to think he can change something by not telling Charlotte that she will die if she comes back to the island, but they says "Whatever happened, happened." Charlotte's death happened so presumably that can't change, can it?

Also, it would seem that the hostiles/others have had a thing for putting bags over people's heads for a while. This scene was reminiscent of when Kate was captured by Tom and the others.

Charlotte's body disappears, Daniel says they're in the 1970s for good

Sawyer, Juliet, Miles and Jin find Daniel still kneeling on the ground where Charlotte's body was. Daniel is mumbling to himself and then tells Juliet "I'm not going to do it. I'm not going to tell her." Presumably, he means that he's not going to tell Charlotte in the past as a child that she will die if she comes back to the island. Daniel tells Juliet that Charlotte died and that her body disappeared during one of the last flashes. He says that she moved on but they stayed and they're not moving through time anymore. He then says that "Whenever we are now, we're here for good."

Are they really stuck in 1974 and onward for good? Can Daniel change what happens by not telling Charlotte that she will die if she comes back to the island?

Miles is also Dharma security, Amy goes into labor

We see Sawyer (Jim LaFleur) retrieve Miles from his home in the barracks. Miles is also wearing Dharma jumpsuit and is a security officer. They go a retrieve Horace who is passed out next to the pylons near The Flame Station. Sawyer takes him home to his wife Amy who is pregnant. She says that she and Horace got into a fight about her dead husband Paul. Amy then goes into labor and Sawyer looks panicked.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Sawyer is LaFleur, Horace blows up a tree

Three years later, in 1977, we see a girl (Rosie) and a Dharma security officer (Jerry) dancing to the song "Candida" by Tony Orlando and Daw from the album Candida. They are in a room with a bank of security monitors and another security officer (Phil) comes in a reprimands Jerry for neglecting his job. That's when Rosie notices someone on one of the monitors. It's Horace Goodspeed drinking and lighting dynamite out by the pylons (security fence). After Horace blows up a tree and they kick Rosie out of the room. Jerry and Phil discuss whether or not they should wake LaFleur, and they decide that they have to. They run through the barracks and knock on one of the doors. It turns out that Sawyer is LaFleur and he puts on his Dharma jumpsuit which lists his title as "Head of Security."

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Giant statue on the island, the rest of the four-toed statue?

The eighth hour of season 5, "LaFleur," picks up right where we last saw Sawyer, Juliet, Miles and Jin. They're standing where the well just after the last flash where Locke fell to the frozen donkey wheel. After this flash, the show revealed something huge to us, both physically and mentally. Miles points out that they seem to have flashed way back in time and proves this by pointing to a giant statue erected towards the beach. Could this be the rest of the four-toed statue we first saw? It seems very possible. Some are speculating that it looks like the Egyptian god Horus. The statue could be holding the same item that Horus is holding in the sketch below. The item also happens to look just like Amy's necklace (that post will come later). All we see is the back of the statue and only for a few seconds.

The sky lights up again as Locke is turning the frozen donkey wheel and the island moves to a time when the well is still there and the statue is gone. Sawyer attempts to jump in the well to help Locke, but the well is filled in. Sawyer's plan is for the group to wait for Locke to get back, no matter how long it takes.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Caesar takes Locke to the injured survivors, Ben among them

Back to the "present time" where Locke is resurrected on the island, we see Caesar thumbing through some files in the Hydra Station. Locke walks into the office and tells Caesar a little about the Dharma Initiative and that he spent over 100 days on the island. Caesar tells John that when the plane experienced turbulence, Hurley disappeared and some other passengers saw other people just disappear. Locke asks for a passenger list but Caesar says that Frank took it. Caesar says that everyone is accounted for except the people who disappeared and the people who got hurt. He then takes Locke to where the injured people are. Locke spots Ben on one of the cots and tells Caesar "He's the man who killed me."

Since Ben is here and not where the other people who disappeared from the plane are, should we assume that he wasn't supposed to go back to the island? Also, we seem to learn a little bit, very little, about how Hurley, Kate and Jack ended up so far away from where the plane crashed. There's still much more to learn though.