Friday, March 6, 2009

Sawyer is LaFleur, Horace blows up a tree

Three years later, in 1977, we see a girl (Rosie) and a Dharma security officer (Jerry) dancing to the song "Candida" by Tony Orlando and Daw from the album Candida. They are in a room with a bank of security monitors and another security officer (Phil) comes in a reprimands Jerry for neglecting his job. That's when Rosie notices someone on one of the monitors. It's Horace Goodspeed drinking and lighting dynamite out by the pylons (security fence). After Horace blows up a tree and they kick Rosie out of the room. Jerry and Phil discuss whether or not they should wake LaFleur, and they decide that they have to. They run through the barracks and knock on one of the doors. It turns out that Sawyer is LaFleur and he puts on his Dharma jumpsuit which lists his title as "Head of Security."

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Adam said...

Do you think Horace bears any resemblance to Jacob? Jacob is not listed in the credits for Lost on so I can't confirm the same actor has played both of them.