Saturday, March 8, 2008

Harper's certificates on her wall

Here's a shot of the framed certificates on Harper's wall. The middle one is from the "Experimental Social Psychology Society" and the right one is a "Certificate of Recognition" with the Hanso Foundation logo on it. Does this mean she works or worked for the Hanso Group at some point?

Ben's video of Charles Widmore

In the video Ben shows Locke, we see a new side of Charles Widmore. Until know, he's just been a pompous jackass who treats Desmond like crap. We see him in the video as a violent man who will go as far as it takes to get what he wants.

Who is the guy being beaten in the video? What was he doing and how was he captured? Who shot the video? What happens after Charles realizes he's being watched and the video recording ends? The questions keep piling on.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Daniel's map of the island

Here's Daniel's map of the island. The Tempest is on it, as well as a few notes about other places. There are three sections designated as "UNKNOW?." Who drew this map and how did they know about The Tempest and other geography of the island?

Goodwin returns and has a nasty chemical burn

Goodwin returns in "The Other Woman" to play a big role in Juliet's flashback. We learn that he works in The Tempest station and had a nasty chemical burn when he first meets Juliet.

Tom (aka Mr. Friendly) returns, in the past

It was good to see Tom again, even if it was only briefly in Juliet's flashback. Harper apperently made him "cry about his daddy."

Meet Harper Stanhope - therapist

We me a new "other" in "The Other Woman" and she's another woman. Harper Stanhope was a therapist for the others and appears in the present to deliver a message to Juliet, supposedly from Ben. She was married to Goodwin but their marriage had deteriorated.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Daniel's blackboard - more physics

Here's some shots of Daniel's blackboard in 1996.

Penny's address and phone number

Both Penny's address and phone number were given in the Find 815 game. She lives at 423 Cheyne Walk and her phone number 7946 0893.

The freighter calendar - it's Christmas Eve [update]

The freighter calendar has days marked off indicating that it is Christmas Eve.

[UPDATE: Added hi-res promotional photo of calendar.]

The freighter's communications/radio room

Here's the freighter's communications/radio room. Minkowski leads Desmond and Sayid there so Desmond can call Penny. Someone wrecked the gear in this room after the ship anchored.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Black Rock ledger auction

Mr. Charles Widmore bids on the ledger of the first mate from the Black Rock at Southfield's and wins it. We see a painting of the Black Rock along with the ledger by the ledger.

In the Find 815 game, Oscar Talbot mentions that his employers had the ledger. Talbot worked for a division of the Widmore Corporation.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Who opened the sick bay door?

Who opened the sick bay door to let Sayid, Desmond and Minkowski out? I have my theory.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Daniel's device & his experiment with Eloise

Here we see the device Daniel Faraday uses to do "things that Oxford frowns upon." There are various shots of equipment as well as of Eloise, the rat, being subjected to the equipment set to the settings that Desmond gave Daniel. Unfortunately, Eloise dies of an apparent brain aneurysm, just like George Minkowski.

Daniel Faraday, Queens College professor, 1996

We see Daniel Faraday in 1996, a professor at Queens College in Oxford.

Daniel Faraday's journal

Here is Daniel's journal. There's a lot of physics related information. Here's a list of some of the things mentioned:
  • Imaginary time
  • Space-time interval
  • Object at light speed
  • Real space
  • Real time
  • Imaginary space
In the last screens, you'll see that Daniel wrote "If anything goes wrong, Desmond Hume will be my constant."

Meet Dr. Ray

When Desmond gets put in the sick bay, we meet Ray, a doctor on the freighter. He administers a sedative to Minkowski and examines Desmond's eyes.

Meet George Minkowski

We finally put a face to the voice on the satellite phone. Desmond finds George Minkowski in the sick bay and unfortunately, he's dead by the end of the episode from an apparent brain aneurysm. Hopefully we'll see more of him in flashbacks and find out what exactly happened to him and his crew-mate Brandon.