Thursday, May 3, 2007

Request screens

Please feel free to request screens you want to see. Leave a comment on this post or any other post with screen requests and I'll try to get them up as quickly as possible.

James Ford's (aka Sawyer) file

This is the file on James Ford (aka Sawyer) that Richard Alpert gave Locke. The text is in French. [gendarmerie = french police force]

Anthony Cooper/Tom Sawyer tied to ruins

Do the ruins that Anthony Cooper was tied to have anything to do with the four-toed statue that Sayid, Jin and Sun saw?

The Others' camp

Here's various views of the Others' camp.

Sayid fixes the satellite phone?

It seems that Sayid fixed the satellite phone but the signal is being blocked. Here are various shots of the phone's screen.

Locke's hand heals quickly

It seems that Locke's bite from his father healed completely in just six days. Things do seem to heal quickly on this island.

Sawyer, meet Sawyer

Sawyer (James Ford) finally meets Tom Sawyer (Anthony Cooper).

Return to the Black Rock

Locke returns to the Black Rock with Sawyer where he's keeping Anthony Cooper/Tom Sawyer/etc, etc. We first saw the Black Rock in "Exodus" in season one.

Here's the remains of one of the slaves on the ship.

Cindy and the kids

We see Cindy and the kids for the first time since "Stranger In A Strange Land."

Inside Ben's tent

Here is the interior of Ben's Tent. He certainly doesn't travel light. There's a bookshelf, a desk, a chest of drawers and quite a few books.

The red book appears to be The Oath by John Lescroart. To the right of it is a book with the names Farrar, Straus and Giroux.

The grey book towards the right on the top shelf is Word Power.