Saturday, May 26, 2007

"Walt" returns to help Locke

Here are screens from the scene of Locke in the mass grave about to commit suicide. Walt appears before he pulls the trigger to inform him that he still has work to do. What work? Putting a knife in Naomi's back? We'll have to wait and see.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Charlie's final scene [post-Mikhail]

Here's Charlie's final scene after Mikhail has shown up outside the station to ruin his day. Mikhail appears to be thrust backword during the blast. Knowing his track record, he's probably still alive. Charlie makes his peace with his fate and drifts off under the water after warning Desmond that the boat of 80 miles off the coast is not Penny's.

Charlie's final scene [pre-Mikhail]

Here's Charlie stopping the jammer. There are close-ups of the equipment in the communications room and Charlie talking to Penny. There are a lot of screens for Charlie's final scene, so I've split them into two posts: pre-Mikhail and post-Mikhail.

Sawyer with Hurley after the rescue

Here's the requested screens for the lady who loves Sawyer. Here is Sawyer relaxing and having a beer after Hurley saved the day on the beach.

Jack's maps

Here is the requested screens for Jack's maps. I'll add descriptions above each of the close-up photos. The first screen is the wideshot of the maps.

I can't make out much here. Any thoughts on the writing or the content of the map? Leave a comment.

Here's a map of Asia. On the map you can see Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, a little bit of Myanmar and part of China. (Thanks to David for the help on this one.)

Here is a map of North and South America with pins in certain places with strings running across the Pacific Ocean. There appears to be pins in Brazil, Mexico and somewhere in the center of the US. There also appears to be a cluster of pins around the Northwest US (maybe Portland) and Southwest British Columbia around Vancouver.

Not sure about this map. There do appear to be some red dots or something on the map. Again, any ideas? Leave a comment.

This appears to be a map of the UK. It's under the lamp, but you can clearly see FRANCE in the bottom right corner of the map.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

News report about the car crash

Here are a few screens of the news report that Jack sees about the car crash while at the hospital.

Jack's newspaper clipping

Here is Jack's newspaper clipping everybody's been trying to read. They went to great lengths to hide the entire name of the deceased. I've included unaltered pics as well as ones with the level adjusted.

Under Mikhail's patch

Check out what's under Mikhail's patch. It's a little creepy yet incredibly cool.

Car crash woman and son

Here is the woman from the car crash that Jack caused. The second screen is the woman's son who Jack pulled out of the car first.