Friday, June 6, 2008

Sawyer makes it back to the island, Juliet drowns her sorrows

Juliet drowns her sorrows with a bottle of Dharma rum as Sawyer makes it back to the beach. He strolls up cocky as ever and finds Juliet slurring her speech and staring out at the smoke rising where the freighter used to be. Both Juliet and Sawyer most likely think that everyone is dead.

Ben causes an explosion in the vault

After seeing Ben load as much metal as he can into the vault, he finally turns it on, causing a contained explosion. He and Locke duck behind a desk for cover. The scene ends with Ben saying, "I'd better change."

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Sun has a cryptic conversation with Charles Widmore

In this flash forward, one of two filmed in London, Sun approaches Charles Widmore as he's coming out of Le Pont de la Tour restaurant with some associates. She introduces herself as Mr. Paik's daughter and the managing director of Paik industries and Widmore immediately acknowledges that he knows Mr. Paik. It would seem that Paik and Widmore have does business together before, which many have suspected for some time. The tone shifts when Sun asks "Are you really going to stand there and pretend you don't know who I am?." He plays it off but Sun says that he knows that they are lying about where they were and what happened while they were there. Sun tells Widmore that they have "common interests" and when he's ready to discuss them to call her. She hands him her business card which has her name, position in the company and the Paik logo on it. Then she says, "As you know, we're not the only ones who left the island." Is she referring to Desmond or Ben? That would seem to be the people Widmore would be most interested in. Widmore asks "Why would you want to help me?," but Sun just walks away.

The freighter blows up, sinks

Here's the freighter, Kahana, blowing up and then sinking. Jin can't be seen on the ship when the bomb explodes, so there's a good chance he made it off in time. Sun, in the helicopter, assumes Jin is dead and sobs uncontrollably as they hover over the water.

Christian appears to give Michael a message

As Michael's tank of liquid nitrogen finally runs out, he starts hearing the whispers. Christian appears to Michael and tells him "You can go now Michael." Michael's response is "Who are You?" Then the freighter explodes (that's for the next post though).

Hopefully this isn't the last time we'll see Michael. It really seems that the character really didn't get a chance to redeem himself in season 4. He gave his life to help to save the losties and the island, but he never got a chance to interact with many of the people most deeply affected by his past actions (ie Hurley).

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Keamy dies activating the bomb, Jin gets left behind

Even though Locke tries to keep him from dying by trying to stop his neck from bleeding, Keamy dies anyway and his final words are "Wherever you go, Widmore, will find you." Ben's response is "Not if I find him first." When Keamy dies, the device on his arm is triggered which causes the light on the bomb to change from green to red.

On the freighter, as the light turns red, Michael continues to freeze the battery as the tank of liquid nitrogen runs out. He tells Desmond and Jin to leave, but Jin stays behind to help. Desmond arrives on the deck just in time to find the helicopter returning. He tries to warn them about the bomb, but the fuel is so low, Frank has no choice but to land. Back with the bomb, Jin studies the diagram of the explosives, but Michael tells him that he needs to go because he is a father now. Jin makes it to the deck just in time to see the helicopter taking off. Sun screams for Frank to turn around but he can't/doesn't. Yunjin Kim's acting in the scene is heartbreaking as her character is separated from her husband.

Hurley plays chess with Eko, Sayid takes him somewhere safe

Sayid comes to Hurley's room at Santa Rosa after killing the man out front of the facility. When he arrives at Hurley's room, he finds Hurley playing chess with an empty chair. Sayid tells Hurley that Jeremy Bentham is dead and when Hurley starts to say his real name, Sayid stops him. Sayid implies that the claim that Bentham committed suicide is untrue. When Hurley asks if they're going back (to the island), Sayid says no, just somewhere safe. Hurley agrees to go and as they're leaving he moves a chess piece and says "check mate Mr. Eko."

So Hurley has regular conversations with Charlie and is playing chess with Mr. Eko. What other dead characters does Hurley interact with?