Saturday, February 7, 2009

Hurley in Los Angeles County lock-up

Hurley calls Jack to let him know that he is in LA County lock-up. Hurley seems happy about it and tells Jack to let Sayid know that he did what he said which is not listening to Ben.

Jack gets a lecture from Dr. Evenlyn Ariza

Jack gets a stern talking-to from Dr. Evelyn Ariza, the director of clinical services, about treating Sayid at St. Sebastian's. Jack is suspended for his substance abuse. He doesn't seem to care though considering he's working on more important things and walks away once his phone starts ringing.

Charlotte can't remember Daniel, set for the Orchid

While Charlotte is still out, Locke convinces Sawyer that they should go back to The Orchid station so he can possibly get off the island and convince the others to come back. What seems to convince Sawyer is when Locke asks "Don't you want her to come back?" Charlotte then wakes up and briefly doesn't remember Daniel. Then the group sets off to the beach to find the zodiac raft and head around the island to The Orchid.

Why did Charlotte not remember Daniel but quickly seemed to regain her memory? Does she have a constant nearby or is her condition different than Desmond's when he was on the Kahana (the freighter)?

Friday, February 6, 2009

Kate tries to cut a deal with Dan Norton

Kate goes to lawyer Dan Norton's office to offer him a deal about her and Aaron's blood samples. She says she will comply with his request if his client agrees to meet with her. Dan says he's meeting his client later that day and will take the offer to him or her. He's very careful to never let anything slip about gender or any other details. He tells her that his client's answer will be no and that she's in no position to negotiate. He also says that she should be prepared to lose Aaron.

At this point in the episode, we don't know who his client is, but whoever it is, they obviously know a great deal about Kate and/or Claire.

Daniel and Juliet discuss Charlotte's condition

Ever since his introduction to the show in the beginning of season 4, Daniel Faraday is a character that doesn't like to share his knowledge of the island with others. Juliet presses him for details on what's happening to Charlotte and all she gets from him is that the condition in neurological and her internal clock can't adjust with the time skips. He says it's like "really bad jet lag." Juliet's response is that "really bad just jet lag doesn't make you hemorrhage. When she asks "why it's not happening to the rest of us," Daniel lies and says he doesn't know.

Later we learn that the condition has to do with the amount of time spent on the island, so it would seem that of all the current islanders, Charlotte has spent the most time there. This could be because she was on the island before as implied by Miles in the season 4 finale.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sun gets intelligence on Ben and Jack, a gun

After Kate leaves Aaron with Sun at the Century Grand Hotel, Sun receives a delivery from Derek. Sun takes the package to her room and pulls out some surveillance information. Upon inspection of the text, various online sources have confirmed the text was lifted from an online game. Check out the text of the documents here. She then pulls out photos of Ben and Jack at Hoffs/Drawler Funeral Parlor, presumably taken when they were taking Locke's body. Next, Sun pulls a box of chocolates out and pulls a gun from under the candy. It seems conflict will soon arise.

So who was doing the surveillance for Sun? Does the gun mean that she made a deal with Charles Widmore to kill Ben? What's with the strange text of the surveillance being taken from a game? The producers know that fans will freeze and read the text, so why does it seem to have no relation to Lost?

Jack convinces Kate to lie before the others

Before the meeting on The Searcher among the Oceanic 6, Desmond, Penny and Frank we saw in "The Lie," it turns out Jack confirmed Kate's support before taking it to the group. Kate also comes up with the lie about being six months pregnant when the flight 815 crashed and that Aaron is her child.

As we've seen occasionally in the past, Jack can be fairly sneaky and manipulative at times like he is here, but he's nowhere near the master manipulator Ben Linus.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

After time skips again, Charlotte's condition worsens

Just after Locke, Miles, Charlotte, Sawyer and Juliet skip through time again Charlotte begins seizing and bleeding from her nose. She falls on the ground and Daniel turns her over and holds her looking deeply saddened and scared to death.

Seeing as Charlotte's condition is so similar to what happened to Desmond and Minkowski, it seems that the skip in time triggered this episode. It happened only moments after the skip. Her consciousness doesn't seem to be traveling through time like Desmond in "The Constant," so what is happening to her?

Locke asks Richard how to get off the island, time skips again

John Locke shows Richard Alpert the compass he gave him next to the fallen beach baron. Locke asks Richard how to get off the island but Richard says that it's "privileged information." Locke tells Richard that he should tell him because he's his leader. Richard says "We have a very specific process for selecting our leadership and it's starts at a very, very young age." Locke asks what year it is and Richard says "1954." Locke says that Richard should visit him in two years when he's born on May 30, 1956 in Tustin, CA. The island starts to shift in time again and Locke ask one more time how to get off the island but Richard doesn't get a chance to respond before the shift.

So, Locke told Richard to visit him which is why we saw him in Locke's flashback in the season 4 episode "Cabin Fever" (check out those screens here). This might explain why Locke doesn't initially recognize Richard on the island in season 3 even though he appeared to meet him at least once in the past during the test. This poses the question that was Locke really destined to lead the others/natives or did he appoint himself leader by talking to Richard in the past? The rules guiding this whole time travel thing is immensely confusing yet still incredibly interesting.

Also, why do the non-time traveling people on the island not notice the time shifts (ie Richard and the other here as well as Ethan in "Because You Left")? This lends credence to the idea that not only did the island move but now the people are shifting in time, not the island. Who knows though.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Desmond and Penny are off to Los Angeles

Desmond comes back to the boat and tells Penny that Daniel Faraday's mother is dead. Penny doesn't buy it though and Desmond tells her the truth about her being in Los Angeles. He seems a bit spooked by Charles Widmore's concern for her safety and says that he wants to drop the issue all together. Penny says that he'll never forget it and that her and young Charlie will have to go with him to Los Angeles.

What's going to happen when/if Desmond approaches Daniel's mother? Will Penny be put in danger by going to Los Angeles where Ben currently is? It would seem that Desmond and Penny are destined to cross paths with the Oceanic Six again.

John Locke comes to camp, learns that "Jones" is Widmore

John Locke strolls into the others camp calling out Richard Alpert's name. Charles Widmore immediately pulls a gun on his and starts to threaten him. Richard emerges from his tent but doesn't know Locke because they haven't met yet in the past. Locke says "Jacob sent me" which immediately changes Alpert's tone. He tells Widmore to put the gun down and forces him to do so though he objects. This is the point that we learn that "Jones" is Charles Widmore because Alpert calls him by his last name. Locke confirms his first name is Charles.

As we could have already predicted, Jacob is a huge player/force or whatever he/it is on the island, but the expression on Richard's face when Locke mentions his name says a lot. Also, again like with Daniel, Widmore is very mouthy with Richard Alpert who seems to be in charge at this point. Will Widmore's temper have something to do with his leaving the island? Locke is very intrigued by learning that he has just met Charles Widmore, though he seems to have more important things to deal with at this "time."