Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Locke asks Richard how to get off the island, time skips again

John Locke shows Richard Alpert the compass he gave him next to the fallen beach baron. Locke asks Richard how to get off the island but Richard says that it's "privileged information." Locke tells Richard that he should tell him because he's his leader. Richard says "We have a very specific process for selecting our leadership and it's starts at a very, very young age." Locke asks what year it is and Richard says "1954." Locke says that Richard should visit him in two years when he's born on May 30, 1956 in Tustin, CA. The island starts to shift in time again and Locke ask one more time how to get off the island but Richard doesn't get a chance to respond before the shift.

So, Locke told Richard to visit him which is why we saw him in Locke's flashback in the season 4 episode "Cabin Fever" (check out those screens here). This might explain why Locke doesn't initially recognize Richard on the island in season 3 even though he appeared to meet him at least once in the past during the test. This poses the question that was Locke really destined to lead the others/natives or did he appoint himself leader by talking to Richard in the past? The rules guiding this whole time travel thing is immensely confusing yet still incredibly interesting.

Also, why do the non-time traveling people on the island not notice the time shifts (ie Richard and the other here as well as Ethan in "Because You Left")? This lends credence to the idea that not only did the island move but now the people are shifting in time, not the island. Who knows though.

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