Saturday, April 25, 2009

Miles returns Howard Gray's money, tells him that he lied

Miles goes back to Howard Gray's house and tells him that he's about on go on a boat trip and then returns the money Howard paid him. Miles tells him that he lied to him and that he wasn't able to talk to his son Russell. Howard asks why he told him the truth and that he could have just let him believe the lie. Miles says that "It wouldn't be fair to your son." He then says "If you needed your son to know that you loved him, you should have told him when he was still alive." On that note, Miles leaves and Howard is left teary-eyed once again.

It's good to see for once that Miles did the right thing in returning the money, but he took out his frustration about his own father on Howard Gray, which wasn't very fair. It does show a more emotional side of Miles which we haven't seen before this episode.

Jack gives Sawyer some intel, Phil taken prisoner by Sawyer

Sawyer comes back to the barracks and goes home to find Jack sitting in his living room. Jack tells him that Roger Linus thinks that Kate had something to do with Ben's disappearance. When Sawyer asks why Roger thinks that, Juliet says that Kate went and talked to him to try and make him feel better. Jack defends Kate saying "Her heart was in the right place," but Sawyer responds asking "Where was her head?" Jack tells Sawyer that he talked to Roger and he doesn't think he's going to say anything. As Jack heads for the door, Sawyer thanks him for filling him in.

As Sawyer walks just outside the front door, Phil approaches him. Phil asks Sawyer to come to the office because there's been a development. Sawyer tells him that he's been running around all day and whatever it is can wait. Phil tells him that he knows who took Ben and pulls out the surveillance tape and tells Sawyer it was him. Sawyer invites Phil in and asks him if he's talked to Horace yet. Sawyer punches miles in the face knocking him on the floor. He tells Juliet to get some rope.

So plot thickens. It seems that the problems with the Losties and the Dharma Initiative are about to escalate if the Dharma folk find out the truth about their true past.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Miles finally tells Hurley his feelings about his father, Hurley is writing 'Empire Strikes Back'

As Miles and Hurley are heading back to the barracks in the van, Hurley tells Miles that in the future there's going to be an accident at hatch that's being built and then they'll have to set up the computer and push the button so the world doesn't end. Miles thinks Hurley's just an idiot. Hurley tells Miles that it's cool that he gets the chance to hang out with his father and maybe he can hold himself as a baby or change his own diaper. Miles slams on the breaks and tells Hurley he's only going to tell him this once. He says that he doesn't want to hang out with his dad or know him better because he wasn't around when he was little and he never knew him. He continues saying that his father is dead and gone and that he never cared him and nothing that he can do will ever change that. Hurley says that he's not gone though and they just dropped him off.

Miles turns the tables and says let's get into your business and grabs Hurley's notebook. Miles gets out of the van and starts reading from the notebook. It turns out that Hurley's been writing The Empire Strikes Back because it hasn't been made yet. Hurley says that he's seen the movie about 200 times and he figured that he'd make it easy for George Lucas and send it to him, but with a couple of improvements. Miles says that's the stupidest thing he's ever heard and Hurley replies "Well at least I'm not scared to talk to my own dad."

So the big Star Wars reference in the title of the episode "Some Like it Hoth" pays off here with Hurley writing the script. You've got to love Hurley for doing it because it's a very Hurley thing to do. He's apparently not convinced yet that he can't change the future.

Bram's gang grabs Miles off the street, tries to convice him not go to the island

After Miles gets a fish taco from La Vida Tacos, he is walking up the street and a black van pulls up beside him. We can see Bram who came to the island on Ajira 316 and is working with Ilana in the passenger seat. Bram says "Hey Miles" and Miles asks "Do I know you?" At that moment two guys with masks over most of their faces grab Miles and pull him into the van which promptly takes off.

Bram introduces himself and apologizes for the fish taco, telling Miles that his apartment is being watched. Bram says he wants to talk Miles out of working for Charles Widmore. Bram says that Miles does not want to be on Widmore's boat. Then Bram asks that puzzling question. He says "Do you know what lies in the shadow of the statue?" Miles says that he doesn't know and Bram replies "Then you're not ready to go to that island." Bram tells Miles that if he comes with them, he'll get the answers to his questions including why he has his ability and who his father was. Miles says that he stopped caring about his father a long time ago, but he does care about money. Miles says he'll pass on going to the island for double what Naomi offered him, $3.2 million. Bram says that they're not going to pay him anything and says that "All the money in the world isn't going to fill that empty hole inside you Miles." Bram says "Toss him!" and the van stops and Miles is tossed out of the van. Bram tells Miles "You're playing for the wrong team." Miles asks him what team he is on. Bram replies "The one that's gonna win" and then the van speeds off.

Once again, this a crazy scene featuring whatever group of people Bram and Ilana are a part of. What's the deal with these folks and what is with that now infamous question?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hurley sees the Swan Station constuction site, the numbers hammered into the hatch door

In the van on the way to the Swan Station construction site, Hurley starts to poke around the father and son idea with Pierre Chang and Miles. Hurley asks Pierre what he does at the Orchid and Pierre tells him that it's classified. Hurley asks if he can't even tell his wife and a moment later asks about his kids. Pierre tells Hurley that he has a 3-month old son named Miles. Hurley says "Small world. That's your name too, right Miles?" Hurley then asks Pierre if he likes jazz and Miles Davis and Pierre says that his wife does but he like country. Miles gives Pierre a "Oh, come on" look when he says he likes country. Hurley asks if Pierre and Miles are tight since Miles has been there for three years. Miles says that Pierre and he don't travel in the same circles. Pierre says he wasn't aware there were circles and Hurley suggests that they all get together and have a beer some time.

Pierre then tells Miles to stop the van and he gets out and unlocks a hidden fence covered in vines and other plants to hide it. As the van enters the site, there are construction workers inside building the Swan Station. The hatch is already in place meaning the station, or at least the basics of the station must already be underground. Hurley asks what this place is and Miles tells him he doesn't know. Hurley then notices a worker carrying the hatch door. The worker calls out for Glenn, another worker with an awful wig, and asks him what the serial number for the hatch door is. Glenn starts calling out the numbers as the other worker hammers them into the hatch door. In a cutaway, we can see Radzinksy overseeing the construction of the Swan. Glenn tells the other work to "Hold on" because the last number is smudged and Hurley quietly says 42. Glenn calls out the number 42 and Miles asks Hurley "How the hell did you know that?" Hurley tells him that they're building out hatch and Miles asks "What hatch?" Hurley says "The one that crashed our plane."

So this was a cool scene. Not only was Hurley hilarious, but we get to see the infamous Swan station being built. We now know that the numbers on the hatch are a serial number. I guess it's there just in case the Dharma Initiative need to make a warranty claim.

It still seems incredibly strange that only days prior to this scene, Radzinsky is working on a model of the Swan station but it has clearly been under construction for some time. I guess it's possible thought that Radzinksy was designing the internal elements including the dome and the overall structure was already designed.

It is also incredibly strange that they would think the others/hostiles wouldn't know they're working in a restricted grid. Do the hostiles already know and will this be cause a conflict leading into the season finale?

Roger shares his suspicions about Kate with Jack, Egyptian history

At the Dharma barracks, Jack is cleaning a classroom. He is erasing the blackboard, which interestingly has information about Egyptian history. On the far left, there is information on archaic Egyptian history which has some symbols similar to some of the hieroglyphics we've seen on the island.

Roger comes into the room drinking a beer and tells Jack that the room is on his rounds. Jack tells him that he thought he would cover for Roger considering what was going on with Ben. Roger tells Jack that he's not just going to sit around and pray that "those idiots" find Ben. Roger kicks Jack's mop bucket and tells him that he can get out there. After a moment, Roger starts asking Jack about Kate and says that she has a weird thing for Ben. Roger mentions the conversation he and Kate had earlier and says that he's starting to think she had something to do with Ben's disappearance. He says that he should go to Horace and report her, then asks Jack what he thinks. Jack gets very serious and approaches Roget in a somewhat threatening way. He tells Roger that the situation has given him an excuse to get drunk which has put crazy thoughts in his head. He continues telling her that Kate is his friend and that she would never do anything to hurt Ben. Roger looks a bit freaked out and says "Sure" and leaves the classroom.

It seems that Jack has now joined Kate in their unintentional mission to blow their cover on the island. The more interesting thing here, at least to me, is why are the Dharma students learning about Egyptian history? We now have a pretty good idea that the island's ancient elements including the statue and the temple have Egyptian ties. Does Dharma know anything about this or is the info on the blackboard dropped in there for the shows' fans.