Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Miles tells Hurley that Pierre Chang is his father, about his power

Back in the Dharma van, Hurley and Miles are listening to "Love Will Keep Us Together" by Captain and Tennille which can be found on the Ultimate Collection. Hurley is still trying to get Miles to talk about his ability. Hurley tells him "I talk to lots of dead people." Miles turns it around and question Hurley asking if he sees and has conversations with dead people. Hurley says that he does and even plays chess with them sometimes. Miles says "That's not how it works" and Hurley says "a-ha!" because he got Miles to admit that he knows about talking to the dead. Miles describes what he does a feeling or a sense. He says that when someone dies, their brain stops working and he says there's no more talking and the brain only contains what it knew before the person died. Hurley hits back saying that his way works for him and that Miles is just jealous his power is better than Miles'.

The van pulls up to the Orchid Sation which is under construction. Miles looks over at Pierre Chang who is walking through the site where workers are working. Hurley and Miles pull the coolers out as Pierre walks over. Pierre asks what Hurley is doing there and tells Miles that he was supposed to come alone. Hurley says that he won't tell anyone about the body and that he can keep a secret. Pierre tells him that he'd better or he'll be reassigned to the Hydra island where he'll have to clean up polar bear feces behind the "ridiculous experiments." Pierre calls to guys to come take the body and tells Miles to stay there until he gets back. Hurley tells Miles that Pierre is "a total douche." Miles says "That douche is my dad."

So in this scene we learn a little more about Miles' ability and how it works, but still nothing about how he aquired it. But we do finally get confirmation that Pierre Chang is Miles' father which a lot of people already had figured out.

Also, what are they going to do with Alverez's body?

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