Saturday, April 25, 2009

Jack gives Sawyer some intel, Phil taken prisoner by Sawyer

Sawyer comes back to the barracks and goes home to find Jack sitting in his living room. Jack tells him that Roger Linus thinks that Kate had something to do with Ben's disappearance. When Sawyer asks why Roger thinks that, Juliet says that Kate went and talked to him to try and make him feel better. Jack defends Kate saying "Her heart was in the right place," but Sawyer responds asking "Where was her head?" Jack tells Sawyer that he talked to Roger and he doesn't think he's going to say anything. As Jack heads for the door, Sawyer thanks him for filling him in.

As Sawyer walks just outside the front door, Phil approaches him. Phil asks Sawyer to come to the office because there's been a development. Sawyer tells him that he's been running around all day and whatever it is can wait. Phil tells him that he knows who took Ben and pulls out the surveillance tape and tells Sawyer it was him. Sawyer invites Phil in and asks him if he's talked to Horace yet. Sawyer punches miles in the face knocking him on the floor. He tells Juliet to get some rope.

So plot thickens. It seems that the problems with the Losties and the Dharma Initiative are about to escalate if the Dharma folk find out the truth about their true past.

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