Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hurley sees the Swan Station constuction site, the numbers hammered into the hatch door

In the van on the way to the Swan Station construction site, Hurley starts to poke around the father and son idea with Pierre Chang and Miles. Hurley asks Pierre what he does at the Orchid and Pierre tells him that it's classified. Hurley asks if he can't even tell his wife and a moment later asks about his kids. Pierre tells Hurley that he has a 3-month old son named Miles. Hurley says "Small world. That's your name too, right Miles?" Hurley then asks Pierre if he likes jazz and Miles Davis and Pierre says that his wife does but he like country. Miles gives Pierre a "Oh, come on" look when he says he likes country. Hurley asks if Pierre and Miles are tight since Miles has been there for three years. Miles says that Pierre and he don't travel in the same circles. Pierre says he wasn't aware there were circles and Hurley suggests that they all get together and have a beer some time.

Pierre then tells Miles to stop the van and he gets out and unlocks a hidden fence covered in vines and other plants to hide it. As the van enters the site, there are construction workers inside building the Swan Station. The hatch is already in place meaning the station, or at least the basics of the station must already be underground. Hurley asks what this place is and Miles tells him he doesn't know. Hurley then notices a worker carrying the hatch door. The worker calls out for Glenn, another worker with an awful wig, and asks him what the serial number for the hatch door is. Glenn starts calling out the numbers as the other worker hammers them into the hatch door. In a cutaway, we can see Radzinksy overseeing the construction of the Swan. Glenn tells the other work to "Hold on" because the last number is smudged and Hurley quietly says 42. Glenn calls out the number 42 and Miles asks Hurley "How the hell did you know that?" Hurley tells him that they're building out hatch and Miles asks "What hatch?" Hurley says "The one that crashed our plane."

So this was a cool scene. Not only was Hurley hilarious, but we get to see the infamous Swan station being built. We now know that the numbers on the hatch are a serial number. I guess it's there just in case the Dharma Initiative need to make a warranty claim.

It still seems incredibly strange that only days prior to this scene, Radzinsky is working on a model of the Swan station but it has clearly been under construction for some time. I guess it's possible thought that Radzinksy was designing the internal elements including the dome and the overall structure was already designed.

It is also incredibly strange that they would think the others/hostiles wouldn't know they're working in a restricted grid. Do the hostiles already know and will this be cause a conflict leading into the season finale?

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