Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Miles pretends to talk to a dead boy, Naomi approaches Miles for recruitment

In a flashback, Miles is looking at a photo of a young guy in a football uniform named Russell Gray. Miles is still at a picnic table with his father, Howard Gray and asks him what happened to Russell. Howard tells him that his son was killed last Labor Day weekend by a drunk driver who ran a light. Miles asks where he's buried and Howard says that he was cremated and his ashes were scattered over the football field. Miles' eyes dart back a forth when he mentions cremation and he says that what he does is much better with a body. Teary-eyed, Howard tells Miles that he wants to know if his son knew that he loved him. Miles tells him that it will cost extra and Howard gives him a wad of bills. Miles takes Howard by the hands and tells him to concentrate of Russell. Miles looks down and moves his head a bit before he tells Howard that his son knew that he loved him and that he always knew. Howard thanks Miles with tears in his eyes and Miles takes his case and leaves.

As Miles is putting his case in his trunk in front of the house, he is approached by Naomi Dorritt. Naomi tells Miles that her employer has been following Miles' work for some time and is interested in retaining his unique services. She invites Miles to a restaurant close by to hear what she has to say. Miles quickly agrees and is obviously a bit taken by Naomi.

So it was pretty obvious in this scene that Miles pretended to talk to Russell. It seems without a body, he can't speak to the dead. If that's the case though, why was he able to find the money and drugs in the house back in the episode "Confirmed Dead" in season 4? Presumably the body was not in the house. It's a bit weird.

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