Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tensions brew between Sawyer and Juliet, Horace worried about Sayid

It's morning at Sawyer and Juliet's house, and the bacon is cooking unsupervised on the stove. Juliet is staring out the window at Jack and Kate. She says to Sawyer "It's over isn't it?... Us playing house, all of it." Sawyer tells her that nothing's changed and that Sayid won't tell them anything.

Then Horace knocks on the door. He's come to tell Sawyer that Sayid won't tell them anything and that he's going to have "Oldham do his thing on him." Sawyer's response is "That psychopath! No way!" Sawyer asks Horace to let him talk to Sayid alone.

Once again, the troubles between Sawyer, Juliet, Jack and Kate are slowly stirring again. We're also left to believe in this scene that Oldham will torture Sayid which we later find is not true.

Sayid shoots Ivan Andropov in Moscow, Ben tells Sayid he's free

In Moscow, Russia, we see a man named Ivan Andropov running into an apartment building and locking the door behind him. He listens at the door and hears someone coming and runs to his safe and puts in the code. As he finishes, Sayid breaks into the room with a gun. Ivan offers Sayid some bundles of money. Sayid shoots him and leaves the building. As he's leaving the building we see a sign over the front door in Russian that reads 32 Oldham Pharmaceuticals. A man named Oldham will later drug Sayid on the island so he tells them the truth. Also, when read backwards like was seen on the show, 32 reads as 23, one of the numbers.

When then see Sayid at night, walking on a street in Moscow with Saint Basil's Cathedral in the background. He goes through a double gate where he meets Ben who is standing next to a car. Sayid tells Ben what happened with Ivan Andropov and then asks where he should go next. Ben tells him that he is done and that everyone who posed a threat to his friends are dead. Sayid asks him "What do I do now?" Ben tells him to go live his life and that he's free.

The big question here is still who are the people that Sayid killed and what threat, if any did they pose to the people on the island?

Friday, March 27, 2009

Young Ben tells Sayid that he can help him if he's patient

Sayid is sitting in the cell in the security building in the Dharma barracks. He looks up and notices the security camera mounted on the wall. Young Ben comes back to the security station to bring Sayid another sandwich and Phil lets him. Ben goes to the cell where Sayid is and gives him a chicken salad sandwich and the book A Separate Reality: Further Conversations With Don Juan. Ben asks Sayid if Richard Alpert sent him and Sayid looks up at the security camera. Ben says that they can see him but can't hear him. Ben tells him that he met Richard in the jungle four years ago and that told him he wanted to join the hostiles. Ben says he's been waiting patiently to leave and that if Sayid is patient, he can help him.

Ben wants to help Sayid in order to curry favor with the hostiles that he wants to join. Sayid looks menacingly at Ben during the entire scene.

Young Sayid kills a chicken for his brother

"He's Our You" opens with our first traditional flashback in a while. We see a young boy (Sayid's older brother) in Tikrit, Iraq being dragged to a chicken cage by his father wants him to kill a chicken to prove that he is a man. The father tells the boy that he cannot come inside until he kills a chicken. Sayid comes over with some grain and breaks a chicken's neck and hands it to his brother. When his father returns, he thinks that the older brother killed the chicken but he confesses that it was Sayid who killed it. Their father says that at least one of them will be a man and congratulates Sayid.

This scene sets up the idea that killing is a part of who Sayid is which Ben tells him later in Santo Domingo.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sayid meets young Ben Linus

Young Ben Linus comes to the security building in the Dharma barracks to bring Sayid a sandwich. Phil, who is on watch, lets him through to bring him the food. Ben tells Sayid that the sandwich doesn't have mustard on it, but he could get him some if he wants it. Ben asks him if he's a hostile and Sayid replies "Do you think I am?" Ben asks his name and Sayid tells him, then asks for his name. When Ben tells Sayid his name, Sayid looks stunned.

Ben seems to hold Sayid in high regard because he thinks that he is a hostile. Ben desperately wants to make the hostiles happy so he can leave the Dharma Initiative to live with them.

Jack get lessons on leadership from Sawyer, Phil gets more suspicious

Jack asks Phil which house is James LaFleur's and Phil points him to the house. Phil tells Jack that LaFleur doesn't like to be called James. As Jack walks away, Phil gets a suspicious look on his face, once again indicating that he does not trust the new recruits, especially the ones that aren't real recruits.

Jack is surprised when Juliet answers the door at Sawyer's house. She lets him in to talk to Sawyer, who is sitting in the living room reading a book. Jack asks him what's going on with Sayid. Sawyer tells him that Sayid is safe for now. Jack asks him "Where do we go from here?" and Sawyer replies "I'm working on it." Jack gets snippy as says "It looks like you were reading a book." Sawyer smiles and says that Winston Churchill read a book every night, even during the Blitz and it made him think better. He says "That's how I like to run things, I think." He continues saying that Jack only reacted to thing and didn't think we he was running things and a lot of people ended up dead. Sawyer tells him that he's going to go back to reading his book and thinking because that's how he saved Jack's ass and he's going to do the same for Sayid tomorrow. As Jack is leaving Sawyer says that he needs to do is get a good night's sleep and to let him do what he does. Sawyer then says "Now ain't that a relief?" and Jack replies "Yeah." Jack really seems relieved to not have to make the decisions right now.

As Jack leaves, Sawyer walks out and exchanges an awkward wave with Kate who is standing by her house. Things are probably going to get tense with the Sawyer, Kate and Juliet triangle in the coming episodes.

I have to say, it was nice to see Sawyer put Jack in his place in this scene. Jack's power on the island went unchecked for way too long.

Sayid is brought to the barracks, locked in a cell

Jack, Kate and Hurley are taking the new recruits photo in the barracks. In the second shot, you can see that Hurley was assigned the job of Chef. The chefs have their own Dharma logo with a chef's hat and utensils (photo 3). Just after they're done with the photo, Sawyer calls Phil on the walkie to tell him they are "coming in with a 14-J." Sawyer pulls up in the van and he, Jin and Radzinksy escort Sayid across the grounds. Sayid once again looks shocked as he sees that Hurley, Kate and Jack are there in Dharma gear.

Sawyer and Phil take Sayid down to a cell in the security building. Sawyer tells Phil to bring him Sayid some food because they are not savages. Before leaving, Sawyer gives Sayid a look and a nod indicating that he should trust him.