Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The group get some spiffy 70s clothes, go to barracks for Orientation - Sayid put in closet at The Flame

Sawyer is driving Hurley, Kate and Jack back to the barracks after hooking them up with some spiffy 70s clothes. Hurley asks Sawyer if he is going to warn the Dharma Initiative about the forthcoming purge and references the Dharma mass grave. Sawyer replies "I ain't here to play Nostradamus to these people" and says that "(Daniel) Faraday has some interesting theories on what they can and can't do here." Jack asks in Faraday is here and Sawyer says "Not anymore."

We then cut over to the barracks where a party for the new recruits is being held. There's a big welcome banner and even Dharma balloons. Sawyer and the group arrive in the van and he tells gives them leys and tells them Juliet has arranged for there names to be on the list. He tells them to just watch the "meet and greet" video and wait for their job assignments. He tells them to act a bit doped up because of the sedative that is given to those who take the submarine. He then leads them to the line into the Processing Center.

At that moment Miles pulls up in a van and is stunned when he sees Jack, Hurley and Kate. Sawyer pulls him aside and Miles tells him that Jin called in a 14-J at The Flame. This is the same code that Locke heard on the phone when the mercenaries passed through the fence with Alex. Sawyer immediately calls Jin on a walkie and Jin tells him they found a hostile in the jungle and that Radzinsky is taking care of him. Sawyer says that a hostile being there would violate the truce. That is when Jin slips away from Radzinsky and tells Sawyer that it is Sayid they have locked up. Sawyer isn't too pleased with this.

So what happened to Danie Faraday? Did he leave the island, is he with the hostiles or is it something else all together? I wonder if we'll ever get to see what exactly happens on the submarine trips that require people to be sedated when they travel on it?

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