Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ben's arm healed by island, Sun hits him with a paddle

Ben is leading Sun through the jungle when Sun yells "wait." Ben stops and tells her that he has no interest in waiting and that there are three outrigger canoes on the beach and that he's going to go to the main island. Ben then takes his arm out of the sling and it seems to be healed nicely. It would seem the island hasn't completely abandoned him since it seems to be selective of who it heals. Sun asks if the main island is where Jin is and he replies "Honestly, I don't know. But that's where I'd start looking." Frank Lapidus comes running out of the jungle. He had been following the two since they left the beach camp. Sun tells Frank that she's going to the main island with Ben and Frank is weary of trusting Ben. Sun says "I have to trust him." They then keep moving through the jungle.

They eventually arrive at the beach where three outrigger canoes are not very well hidden under nets and plants. Frank tries to convince Sun not go with Ben warning her that he's dangerous. Sun asks Frank to come with them, but he says no because he has to watch over the group back at the camp. Ben comes up and says that a captain must take care of his passengers and then says "But I have people I have to take care of too." He then says that there's a small dock on the main island about a half mile due south. He tries to convince Frank that the main island is where everyone will be safe because there are resources there. As he's talking Sun picks up a paddle and cracks him in the back of the head with it. She has the information she needs and she didn't need Ben anymore. Frank says "I thought you trusted this guy?" Sun says "I lied."

So Sun channeled her inner Ben by getting rid of him after he served her purpose. She has some dark mojo surrounding her right now. Things will probably get ugly.

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