Sunday, March 22, 2009

Frank lies about the island, Ben and Sun sneak off, meet Bram

Sun is standing on the beach, looking at Jin's wedding ring. We can see the Ajira plane sitting not too far from the beach. Ilana comes over and asks if Sun lost someone on the flight, which she did not. Frank calls everyone to attention to tell them his plan that they should stay on the beach and wait for rescue. During the speech, we see a new character named Bram (6th photo) who doesn't speak in this episode, but is played by a recognizable actors, so will become active at some point. Caesar pipes in asking Frank "Where is here?" Frank tells him that he doesn't know and that the island is not on his charts. Caesar goes on to mention the buildings on the island, the animal cages and the bigger island and says that Frank needs some new charts. Caesar tells everyone that they should search the buildings for a radio or food.

At this point Ben, who is by the treeline, slips off into the jungle and Sun follows him. Frank sees Sun leave and follows her. Sun loses Ben briefly until he shows up behind her and asks "Why are you following me?" Sun asks him where he is going and he replies "Back to our island. You wanna come?"

So Caesar and Ilana are starting to become Nikki and Paulo a little bit. They are not quite as annoying, but they have been around for a few weeks now and haven't served much of a purpose, though it is possible that they shot at the canoes in "The Little Prince" (see screens here). And now we have Bram who hasn't even spoken yet. Hopefully, they'll serve a purpose soon.

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