Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sayid meets young Ben Linus

Young Ben Linus comes to the security building in the Dharma barracks to bring Sayid a sandwich. Phil, who is on watch, lets him through to bring him the food. Ben tells Sayid that the sandwich doesn't have mustard on it, but he could get him some if he wants it. Ben asks him if he's a hostile and Sayid replies "Do you think I am?" Ben asks his name and Sayid tells him, then asks for his name. When Ben tells Sayid his name, Sayid looks stunned.

Ben seems to hold Sayid in high regard because he thinks that he is a hostile. Ben desperately wants to make the hostiles happy so he can leave the Dharma Initiative to live with them.

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Anonymous said...

I was amused that the computer in the first screengrab is actually an Apple Lisa (or Mac XL) - circa 1983/1984. Of course, we knew Dharma was ahead of its time...