Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sayid is brought to the barracks, locked in a cell

Jack, Kate and Hurley are taking the new recruits photo in the barracks. In the second shot, you can see that Hurley was assigned the job of Chef. The chefs have their own Dharma logo with a chef's hat and utensils (photo 3). Just after they're done with the photo, Sawyer calls Phil on the walkie to tell him they are "coming in with a 14-J." Sawyer pulls up in the van and he, Jin and Radzinksy escort Sayid across the grounds. Sayid once again looks shocked as he sees that Hurley, Kate and Jack are there in Dharma gear.

Sawyer and Phil take Sayid down to a cell in the security building. Sawyer tells Phil to bring him Sayid some food because they are not savages. Before leaving, Sawyer gives Sayid a look and a nod indicating that he should trust him.

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