Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tensions brew between Sawyer and Juliet, Horace worried about Sayid

It's morning at Sawyer and Juliet's house, and the bacon is cooking unsupervised on the stove. Juliet is staring out the window at Jack and Kate. She says to Sawyer "It's over isn't it?... Us playing house, all of it." Sawyer tells her that nothing's changed and that Sayid won't tell them anything.

Then Horace knocks on the door. He's come to tell Sawyer that Sayid won't tell them anything and that he's going to have "Oldham do his thing on him." Sawyer's response is "That psychopath! No way!" Sawyer asks Horace to let him talk to Sayid alone.

Once again, the troubles between Sawyer, Juliet, Jack and Kate are slowly stirring again. We're also left to believe in this scene that Oldham will torture Sayid which we later find is not true.

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