Friday, March 27, 2009

Young Ben tells Sayid that he can help him if he's patient

Sayid is sitting in the cell in the security building in the Dharma barracks. He looks up and notices the security camera mounted on the wall. Young Ben comes back to the security station to bring Sayid another sandwich and Phil lets him. Ben goes to the cell where Sayid is and gives him a chicken salad sandwich and the book A Separate Reality: Further Conversations With Don Juan. Ben asks Sayid if Richard Alpert sent him and Sayid looks up at the security camera. Ben says that they can see him but can't hear him. Ben tells him that he met Richard in the jungle four years ago and that told him he wanted to join the hostiles. Ben says he's been waiting patiently to leave and that if Sayid is patient, he can help him.

Ben wants to help Sayid in order to curry favor with the hostiles that he wants to join. Sayid looks menacingly at Ben during the entire scene.

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