Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sun is frightened of Locke when they arrive at St. Sebastian's

In the flash sideways Locke is in an ambulance with a paramedic and Ben being rushed to the hospital. Ben tells the paramedic that Locke is a paraplegic, but he doesn't know anything else about him. Ben says that he saw the man who hit Locke and the paramedic says that he can talk to the police at the hospital.

Ben says he doesn't know who to contact for Locke, when Locke weakly says the name Helen Norwood. He also says that he was going to marry her. Ben tells Locke that he'll still marry her because he's going to be okay.

Once they arrive at the hospital, an ambulance carrying Sun and Jin arrives too. Sun and Locke are wheeled in right next to each other when Sun looks over and sees Locke. Sun freaks out, repeating "It's him!"

So it seems that Sun has had a vision of the original timeline, since she recognizes Locke and is afraid of him. It's all seems to be coming together now.

Fake Locke tells Jack that he was Christian on the island

At Locke's Camp, we return to the stare-down between Locke and the group Hurley led there. Locke tells Jack that he was hoping he would come and says that have some catching up to do. Jack asks Hurley if it's okay that he talks to Locke alone, since it was Hurley's plan to come there. Hurley says to go and Jack follows Locke into the jungle.

Once Jack and Locke stop to talk, Jack says that he looks just like Locke, but he has no idea what he actually is. Locke says that Jack does know, prompting Jack to ask why he looks like John Locke. Locke says he took the form because Locke was stupid enough to believe he was brought to the island for a reason, which led to his death, and then Jack was nice enough to bring his body back in a box. Jack asks if Locke had to be dead before he could look like him, and Locke says yes.

Jack asks who else he has looked like and Locke tells him to ask what he really wants to know. Jack says that on the third day he was on the island, he saw his father, and asks if that was him (fake Locke). Locke says that he was Christian and he took that form to lead Jack to water and that all he's ever done is to help him leave the island because Jacob trapped them there, but now they can leave. Locke says to leave though, they have to all go together.

Jack says that real Locke was the only person who believed in the island and did everything to keep them from leaving. Fake Locke says that Locke was not a believer, but just a sucker.

So how much of what Locke says is true? I certainly believe he was Christian, but he is likely lying his motives. This is certainly not the last big conversation Jack and Locke will have.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Desmond runs into Locke with his car at the high school

Back in the flash sideways world, Desmond sits in his car at the school where Ben and Locke work and watches as Locke exits the building in his wheelchair.

Ben comes over and knocks on Desmonds window and asks him a series of questions about what he's doing there. Ben says that he's been parked there watching the kids for a while. Desmond says that he's there looking for a school for his son, and when Ben asks for his son's name, Desmond says Charlie. It seems clear here there Desmond remembers his son from the original timeline, though one could say that's just the first name that popped in his head.

After Ben leaves, Desmond watches Locke start to cross the parking lot and accelerates his car toward him. Desmond hits Locke, who hits the windshield and the flies over the top of the car and lands on the ground. Desmond speeds away as Ben runs over to help Locke who is once again lying bloody on his back.

The look on Locke's face is similar to when he was on the ground after Anthony Cooper threw him out of the window. Will this be Locke's moment of clarity where he remembers the original timeline like Desmond, Charlie and Hurley?

And the big question is, why did Desmond do this? Was he trying to kill Locke or was he trying to push him towards Jack at the hospital? This seems to be similar, yet a more forceful version of what he did pushing Hurley towards Libby during their conversation at Mr. Cluck's. What does Desmond know?!

Hurley's group arrive at Locke's camp, Jack & not-Locke meet

Locke returns to his camp to find Sayid waiting for him. Locke tells him that Desmond won't be a problem anymore. Sawyer then begins to chastise Locke when he stops cold as he sees Hurley walk into camp.

Locke looks pleased to see Hurley. Hurley says that he doesn't know who Locke is, but there are other people with him and they just want to talk without any violence.

Hurley tells everyone else to come out and Frank, Sun and Jack emerge from the jungle. Kate and Jack look happy to see each other, but then Locke says hello to Jack. They share an intense look.

This is the first time Jack has seen Locke since he put the shoes on him at the butcher shop before boarding Ajira 316.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Locke throws Desmond down an electromagnetic well

Locke and Desmond's journey comes to an end at an old well, but not the one near the Orchid Station where Ben and Locke turned the frozen donkey wheel. Desmond looks down the well trying to guess how deep it is and Locke throws a torch down that hits the bottom.

Locke tells Desmond that this well is so old that the people who dug it did it completely by hand. He says that these people dug it to understand why their compass needles spun uncontrollably at this particular spot, but they never found what they were looking for.

Locke continues, saying that he showed Desmond this well because Charles Widmore is only interested in power, not answers and he plans to use Desmond to find what he's looking for. He adds that this is not the only well. These wells all seem to be built over pockets of electromagnetism, so is this what Zoe was asking Jin about? Do they need Desmond to survive another Swan Station or Incident-style blast?

Moving on, Locke asks Desmond why he's not afraid to be out here with him considering no one knows they're there. Desmond says "What's the point in being afraid?" Locke's expression turns sinister and he throws Desmond down the well.

So there's still the big mystery as to why Desmond is so zen now. We still don't know what he knows in either timeline.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Memories of Libby rush back to Hurley during their kiss on the beach, Desmond is watching

At the beach in the sideways, Hurley lays out the blanket and unpacks the picnic basket so he and Libby can finally have their date. Libby stares out at the ocean and when Hurley asks what's wrong, she says that nothing is wrong, but it feels "off." She says the picnic is "like a date we never had."

Much like on the island, Hurley questions why Libby would want to be with him. She says that she likes him, but he says that she's "delusional." She leans in and kisses him, and suddenly, memories of their time on the island rush back to Hurley (just like they did with Desmond).

Hurley is stunned for a moment and then says that he thinks he's remembering stuff. Libby asks "You mean I'm not crazy," and Hurley says that he doesn't think she is. Libby is overcome with joy.

As the shot gets wider, we pan down to see Desmond sitting in his car, watching the two of them. He has a sly smile on his face as he drives away.

So what will be the repercussions of the Oceanic 815 passengers remembering the original timeline and why is Desmond starting to push people towards these revelations? What does Desmond know right now that we don't?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Michael confirms Hurley's theory about the whispers, points him towards Locke's camp

As Hurley's group makes their way through the jungle at night, Sun asks Frank if they made a mistake. Frank says "probably."

As they continue, Hurley confesses to Jack that he didn't talk to Jacob earlier and Jack says that he knew that. Jack tells him that every since Juliet died, all he's wanted to do was fix it, but he can't. He says that he believes that the point is that he's supposed to let go. Hurley says that he hopes that trusting him doesn't get them killed.

Suddenly, they hear the whispers and Frank and Jack draw their guns. Hurley tells them that it's cool because he thinks he knows what the whispers are. Hurley leaves the group and goes a short distance on his own.

Hurley calls out for Michael, who appears from behind some trees. Hurley asks him if he's stuck on the island and Michael says he is because of what he did (killing Ana Lucia and Libby). Hurley says that there are others trapped on the island too and that's what the whispers are. Michael confirms this, says they are the ones that can't move on.

Hurley then asks Michael if he knows where Locke is. Michael points to a camp in the distance, towards the ocean. Hurley thanks Michael and asks him if there's anything he can do for him. Michael says "Don't get yourself killed."

As Hurley is about to leave, Michael stops him and says if he ever sees Libby again, to tell her that he is very sorry. Hurley says that he'll do that.

So that is a big mystery solved. The whispers are those who died on the island and can't move on for one reason or another. They're not always heard when the dead appear though. They're heard when Walt appears to Shannon and he wasn't dead. Also, does that mean Harper was dead when she appeared to Jack and Juliet in season 4?

The idea that only those who die on (or near) the island are trapped there explains why Richard though young Ben was special for seeing his mom, since she died off of the island. There will be more time to dissect every instance of the whispers at a later time though.

Monday, April 26, 2010

The group splits up, some go with Richard & the rest with Hurley

At the flaming wreckage of the Black Rock, Richard is preparing to go to the Dharma barracks to get grenades and other explosives. Jack wants Richard to slow down and Hurley pipes up saying that they should go talk to Locke. He says that Jacob is there now and told him that is what they should do. Richard wants proof that Jacob is there and tells Hurley to ask Jacob what the island is. Hurley tells Richard that he has nothing to prove to him. Richard says that he's lying because Jacob never tells them what to do.

Richard says that he's going to destroy the plane and asks who is coming with him. Ben and Miles both choose to go with him while Frank, Sun and Jack decide to stick with Hurley. As Richard's group leaves, Hurley looks panicked about his own plan.

It's certainly worth nothing that all of the candidates stuck with Hurley, which may not bode well for Richard's group.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mysterious boy appears to Locke & Desmond, Locke gets agitated

Sayid leads Locke to where he has Desmond tied to a tree. Locke unties Desmond after Desmond says he has nowhere to run to. Desmond says that he doesn't know why Charles Widmore brought him back to the island, but mentions that they threw him into a wood shack blasted him with a massive amount of electromagnetism. When Locke asks how he knew it was electromagnetism, Desmond says that he knows from experience.

Locke clearly becomes unsettled by how unafraid and calm Desmond is. When Locke asks Desmond if he knows who he is, Desmond says "Of course. You're John Locke." Locke then sends Sayid back to camp and tells Desmond he wants to show him something.

Later, as Locke and Desmon are walking through the jungle, Locke tells Desmond that the island seems to have it out for him, but Desmond replies that the island has it in for all of them.

Suddenly, the mysterious boy appears in the jungle. It's the same boy from the episode "Recon," but here, he appears slightly older and has brown hair instead of blonde. Locke gets agitated by his appearance and tells Demond to ignore him. When Desmond asks who the boy is and if he knows him, Locke repeats his order to ignore him, but this time he's angrier. The boy smiles slyly, and runs off into the jungle.

So is this young boy Jacob, and if so, what about his appearance is causing Locke to lose his cool? He has seemed the most rattled the two times this boy has appeared.

Hurley asks Libby on a date, gives donation to Dr. Brooks

Hurley goes to Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute and tries to convince Dr. Brooks to let him speak to Libby. Dr. Books doesn't want to let him talk to her because he says she has issues with reality. Hurley pulls out his checkbook and says that he'll donate $100,000 to fix up the rec room.

In the rec room, Hurley sits, watching a man play Connect Four. Libby enters and sits with Hurley. She asks him if he remembered her, but he says no. She tells him that she saw one of Hurley's commercials on television a few days ago and as soon as she saw him, memories of him came washing back, but it was another life. She mentions the plane crash and the two of them being on the island. She says that they liked each other and she can remember the two of them both being in Santa Rosa too. Hurley says that he's never been in a mental hospital before.

Even though Hurley can't remember her and thinks she's a little crazy, he asks if she can leave on a day pass and go on a date with him. Libby reveals that she's there voluntarily and would love to go on a date with him.

So the two timelines are coming closer together, but as of now, Hurley still doesn't remember the original timeline. Libby's memories rushing back from just a image on television is weird though. It seems other people, like Charlie and Desmond, have had more life-altering events that have brought back memories of the other timeline. I wonder why Libby remembered so easily?