Saturday, May 1, 2010

Fake Locke tells Jack that he was Christian on the island

At Locke's Camp, we return to the stare-down between Locke and the group Hurley led there. Locke tells Jack that he was hoping he would come and says that have some catching up to do. Jack asks Hurley if it's okay that he talks to Locke alone, since it was Hurley's plan to come there. Hurley says to go and Jack follows Locke into the jungle.

Once Jack and Locke stop to talk, Jack says that he looks just like Locke, but he has no idea what he actually is. Locke says that Jack does know, prompting Jack to ask why he looks like John Locke. Locke says he took the form because Locke was stupid enough to believe he was brought to the island for a reason, which led to his death, and then Jack was nice enough to bring his body back in a box. Jack asks if Locke had to be dead before he could look like him, and Locke says yes.

Jack asks who else he has looked like and Locke tells him to ask what he really wants to know. Jack says that on the third day he was on the island, he saw his father, and asks if that was him (fake Locke). Locke says that he was Christian and he took that form to lead Jack to water and that all he's ever done is to help him leave the island because Jacob trapped them there, but now they can leave. Locke says to leave though, they have to all go together.

Jack says that real Locke was the only person who believed in the island and did everything to keep them from leaving. Fake Locke says that Locke was not a believer, but just a sucker.

So how much of what Locke says is true? I certainly believe he was Christian, but he is likely lying his motives. This is certainly not the last big conversation Jack and Locke will have.

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