Saturday, February 2, 2008

Weirdness in the Santa Rosa gym

Here's the highly debated blip during the scene of Jack and Hurley in the gym. Behind the basketball goal, a dark something flips up for a second then disappears. It could just be an accident or it could be something of meaning.

Charlie returns with a message for Hurley

It was great to see Charlie again, looking quite stylish for a dead man. He came to Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute to talk to Hurley and give him a message - "They Need You."

Also, could the man in the background of the first picture be who the other patient at the hospital saw staring at Hurley?

Friday, February 1, 2008

Hurley encounters Jacob's shack

Hurley fell behind the group and "stumbled" across Jacob's shack. In the pictures you'll see a lantern, the painting of the dog, Christian Shephard, and then Jacob's eye? When Hurley tries to run away, he turns around and there the shack is again, seemingly proving that the shack does appear in multiple places. Who should appear after the shack disappears but John Locke.

Hurley's igloo painting

Here's the somewhat odd painting Hurley was working on right before he was approached by Charlie at Santa Rosa Mental Heath Institute.

Meet Matthew Abbadon

Hurley gets visited in Santa Rose Mental Health Institute by a new, mysterious character names Matthew Abbadon. He introduces himself as a lawyer representing Oceanic, but that doesn't seem to be true. In the last picture we see his stern face after he asks Hurley "are they still alive?." This freaks Hurley out.

In the second picture you'll notice some drawings on the blackboard behind Hurley and Matthew. There's a shark, a palm tree and a beach, all things from the island.

Naomi with a knife in her back

This is just a great shot with a sweet rack focus from Ben the background to Naomi in the foreground.

Hurley has an aquatic vision of Charlie

Hurley has a vision of Charlie's death while at the police station. Charlie appears in the window with a message written on his hand that says "THEY NEED YOU" and then water pours into the room.

Hurley on the surveillance tape

Here's a couple of shots of the convenience store's security video. Even though the picture isn't sharp, you can tell he's freaked out by something (we later learn that he saw Charlie).

Ana Lucia's former partner returns to question Hurley

In another "Lost cross," Hurley encounters Ana-Lucia's former police partner Mike Walton after he's arrested. When Mike asks Hurley if he met/knew Ana, he denies that he ever met her.

Randy Nations returns to film Hurley's crash

Randy Nations (both Hurley and Locke's former bosses) can be seen in the opening scene of the episode filming Hurley's crash and arrest. Got to love those minor recurring characters. Apparently, Randy's working in retail now.

Opening shot of Season 4

Here's the opening shot of season 4 that could be seen in a number of early promos. The second picture includes the Organic Produce truck that made the opening shot appear to be on the island. It was a nice little fake-out for a few seconds.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Season 4 Premiere outtake

Here's a clip from the Season 4 premiere that won't be in tonight's episode. This aired last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

All 13 Lost mobisodes

Here's all 13 Lost mobisodes. Be sure to check out number 13. It's a doozy.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Lost season 4 premiere [5 sneak peek clips]

Here are 5 short sneak peeks from the Season 4 premiere of Lost. They give away a little more plot than your normal sneak peaks, so proceed with caution. Thing are getting intense with only 4 days 'til the premiere.