Saturday, May 24, 2008

First look at the outside of the Orchid station

Here we get our first look at the Orchid station. First we see through bits through the binoculars as Ben and Locke realize that Keamy's team is already there. Later, when Ben decides to approach the Orchid and surrender to Keamy, we get a better view of the outside of the station. From this view, it appears to be just a greenhouse, but we know there's a lot more going on inside.

It would seem that Ben is distracting Keamy's team so that Locke can make his way inside the station. Ben definitely has a plan though as we can see in the last screen. He's not worried at all about the gun pointed at his head.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Richard Alpert and the others capture Kate and Sayid

Richard Alpert walks out of the jungle to find Sayid and Kate pointing guns at him. In an old school, season 2 style move, the others surround the duo and hold them a gunpoint. Kate and Sayid are then marched through the jungle. By my count, there are at least 16 others including Richard, possibly more.

Why did the others capture them and where are they taking them?

Desmond discovers a large amount of C-4 on the freighter

Desmond seems to have found th source of the interference on the freighter. It's a large amount of C-4, most likely controlled by the device on Keamy's arm. The text on the C-4 says, "EXTREMELY HAZARDOUS AUTHORIZED MILITARY PERSONNEL ONLY." It's very similar to the explosives in Michael's case from Ben.

Will the explosives be activated and if so, by who?

Christian's memorial service, Claire's mom is alive, Jack finds out Claire is his sister

Jack speaks at Christian's memorial service. Kate, Aaron, Sayid, Nadia and Hurley are all there. The only member of the Oceanic 6 not in attendance is Sun. Jack's mom, Margo Shephard is also there.

The unexpected guest is Claire's mom, Carole Littleton who obviously woke up from her coma some time after the crash of 815. She approaches Jack after the service and tells him who she is and why she's there. Jack finally learns that Claire is his half sister and he becomes visibly distraught. Kate overhears the conversation and then is approached by Carole who tells her that she has a beautiful son, not realizing that she is seeing her own grandson.

What were the circumstances surrounding Carole waking up from her coma? Was it related to the island?

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The engines work, the fathometer is down

Michael tells Desmond that the engines should be working and Desmond runs to tell Hendricks, the helmsman. The engines fire up and they dial in the bearing, 305, but but there is something causing interference on the fathometer and they can't see the reef. He says it's coming from the boat and Desmond runs off to find it and shut it off. Hendricks also says that he won't get any closer to the island that 5 miles without the fathometer.

It's not important but as Desmond's running out, there's a "how to wear a life preserver" poster next to the door. I just thought it was funny.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sun and Jin shocked to see Michael

Here we see Sun and Jin's reaction to seeing Michael aboard the freighter. I think to say they were shocked would be an understatement. Michael tells then them that he and Walt followed the bearing Ben gave them and found an island with people. He says they sold the boat and hopped a cargo ferry back to the United States. After Sun asks him if he's now working for Ben, he tells them that he's trying to make up for what he did (killing Ana Lucia and Libby).

This explanation of how he and Walt got back to the states is a lacking details. Is he telling the whole truth and will we ever see how these events played out?

The numbers return! - Hurley's birthday party

Hurley comes home to with some food from Mr. Clucks (I guess some habits are hard to break) and finds a coconut on the floor in his home. He also hears whispers and grabs the golden Jesus statue to defend himself until he realizes that the whispers are all of his friends waiting to surprise him for his birthday. The DJ at his party has the Geronimo Jackson album next to his turntables (this makes two episodes in a row where we've seen the album cover). In the same shot there is a boy in the background wearing a jersey with the number 4 on it, one of the numbers.

Hurley's dad, David Reyes, takes him to see his birthday present which is the car the never finished when he was a boy. Once again we see the keys to the car are on a rabbit's foot keychain. He gets in to take if for a spin and finds the numbers staring back at him. 481516 on the odometer and 2342 on the trip counter. Hurley freaks out and then takes off down the street. Is this event what led to his return to Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute?

Monday, May 19, 2008

Sun takes control of Paik Industries

Sun goes to see her father at Paik Industries while he's having a heated meeting with two associates about an incident involving five different banks. Sun comes in and finally demands respect by telling her father that she now owns controlling interest in the company due to the settlement paid by Oceanic. She also tells him that he is one of two people responsible for Jin's death because they were on the plane because of him.

What does Sun plan to do with Paik Industries now that she is in control?