Saturday, March 29, 2008

Inside Michael's case + Libby again

The first shot is of the pipes where Michael puts the "explosives" in the engine room. It says "FUEL LINE ONE - WARNING - NO OPEN FLAMES."

The rest of shots are of contents of Michael's case. The tools on top were removed to reveal "explosives" that say:


Michael enters a code (71776) on the number pad to activate the "EXECUTE" button. Before Michael pushes the button, he hears the same Mama Cass song that was on the radio when he tried to commit suicide in the car. Libby then appears and says "Don't do it Michael." After he pushes the button, a stick pops up with a note that says "NOT YET."

While it seems cruel to torture Michael like this, it seems that Ben may be sincere about not killing the innocent people on the freighter. At the same time, at the end of season three, he tells the extraction team to kill anyone who gets in the way of them taking the pregnant women. As always the question is, can we trust Ben?

Friday, March 28, 2008

Kevin Johnson's shipment/box

When Michael arrives to check in at the freighter, Naomi tells him (Kevin Johnson) that he has a delivery that will be brought to his room. It's a box with a padlock from Ben. There will be another post with the contents of the box.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

The freighter is heavily armed

The freighter crew is heavily armed (at least some of them are). Are they coming to kill everyone on the island? Are they coming to wage war on Ben and the natives? Are they who shot Karl and Rousseau? Time will tell.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The freighter loads up at Port of Suva

Michael/Kevin goes to Port of Suva, Fiji to join the freighter crew as a deckhand. We see a few dead characters including Minkowski and Naomi. He recognizes that Naomi is from Manchester, most likely due to Charlie's accent. Michael also runs into Miles who informs him that he knows his name isn't Kevin.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Thailand graves, 777 purchase order, Kevin's passport

Here's the proof of Widmore's involvement in the Flight 815 hoax that Tom shows Michael in order to convince him to help Ben.
  • the photo of the exhumed graves in Thailand where the 300+ bodies came from
  • the purchase order for the 777 airplane that was placed in the ocean as Flight 815
    • the plane was decomissioned
    • it was purchased by Widmore Industries
    • it cost 450,000 (not sure what currency)
    • it was shipped via freighter
  • the passport Michael uses to join the freighter crew as Kevin Johnson.

Michael's second suicide attemp and 815 news report

Here's Michael's second suicide attempt. Tom warned him that he wouldn't be able to kill himself, but he tries anyway. The gun jams and then he sees a news report about the discovery of the fake Flight 815 at the bottom of the ocean.

Tom returns again

Tom (aka Mr. Friendly) returns for the second time this season. He put a beat down on Michael and tells him that the island won't let him kill himself.

Later, we learn that Tom is gay and we see his "indulgence," Arturo, in the second screen.

Jin's watch and the pawn shop guy

Here's the watch that Jin attacked Michael over and then later gave it to him. Michael pawns it for a gun and bullets for suicide attempt number two. The back of the watch roughly translates to:

Mutual cooperation
business development
Mr. Paik

Also, here's the pawn shop guy.

Walt in the window and Michael's mom

Here we see young Walt in the window at Michael's mother's house. We also see Michael's mother for the first time.

Michael's vision/dream vs. reality - Nurse Libby

Here's the big one. In Michael's vision, his nurse is Libby. Are his island actions just haunting him or is Michael seeing things off the island like many characters have on the island (ie the horse, Walt, etc)?