Saturday, March 22, 2008

Michael's vision/dream vs. reality - Old man in hospital

The old man in the hospital next to Michael has a breathing tube in during Michael's vision, but only has an oxygen mask in reality.



Michael's vision/dream vs. reality - Hospital monitor

A number of things are different between Michael's vision in the hospital and between reality.



Friday, March 21, 2008

Michael attempts suicide via car

An incredibly distraught Michael attempts to kill himself by driving a car into a storage container near a dock/harbor. He says "I'm sorry" as he accelerates into the container. Sorry for the news banner on the speedometer shot. There's nothing I could do about that.

When he gets in the car, a song by Mama Cass Elliot, "It's Getting Better," is playing on radio. In Desmond's flashes and in the hatch, he heard/played the song "Make Your Own Kind of Music" by Mama Cass. Coincidence? I think not.

Michael's apartment + photo of him and Walt

Here's Michael's apartment in New York after he leaves the island. It's a bit of a wreck, but as we saw in the episode, life isn't going too well for him. Also, I've included the picture of Michael and Walt that we see a number of times throughout the episode. Walt's still a baby in the picture.

Map to the temple

Here's the map that Ben gave Alex so she could go to "the temple." It's denoted with a Dharma logo on the map. Is "the temple" a Dharma related facility or is it marked with the logo for another reason? There are a million other questions that could be asked about "the temple," but that's for another time.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Jin's grave/tombstone [UPDATED]

Here we see Jin's grave. I'm sure this scene caused many people to tear up or even start wailing. It was a very sad scene, but wait, there's a catch. The date of death on Jin's tombstone is September 22, 2004. So, is Jin dead or alive? Obviously, if he's alive, an event of momentous proportions must have happened to separate Jin from Sun as his unborn child. Is head dead like the marshall? Could his actual death be covered up by saying he died in the crash. The options are endless on Lost.

Also on the tombstone is Jin's date of birth, November 27, 1974. That would make Jin currently 30. Also, what is the March 20, 1980 date on the left side? Is it a date of birth or date of death? If anyone can read the characters to the left the 1980 date, please let me know.

[UPDATED: Apparently the March 20, 1980 date on the left is Sun's date of birth. The characters on the left translate from top to bottom.


The characters under the 1980 date mean "birth." That would make Sun's age 24.

Sun and Jin's baby, Ji Yeon

Here's Sun and Jin's baby, Ji Yeon. The young girl and her mother escaped an inevitable island death, but dad may not have been so lucky.

Meet Kevin Johnson

Meet Kevin Johnson. Wait, that's the next episode. It seems we get to meet him early and it turns out that Kevin Johnson is none other than Michael Dawson. It seems he's working as a janitor aboard the freighter. How did he get there and what's happened since he sailed away at the end of Season 2? I think we'll find out more on Thursday.

Blood from gun shot on the freighter

The blood stain on the wall inside the freighter proves there has been more death than Regina, Minkowski and Naomi on the freighter crew's mission. The stain is obviously from a gun shot, but did the person commit suicide or were they shot? Also, WHO died in that room? The blood spatter certainly looks pretty fresh.

Faux Flight 815 black box

Here's the black box from the fake Flight 815 that was found at the bottom of the ocean. Captain Gault shows it to Sayid and Desmond with a series of questions about who would have the resources to stage a fake flight including having access to 324 dead bodies. Gault makes a damn good point.

Also, notice in the second shot, notice the maps behind Gault. They're out of focus, but appear to be of areas in the Pacific, possibly even the island.

Meet Captain Gault + freighter extras

We meet finally meet Captain Gault. He's very open with Sayid and Desmond, disclosing that Charles Widmore owns the boat and shows them the fake Flight 815 black box. He seems pretty straightforward, so why is not to be trusted?

Also included is a shot of two freighter extras.

Regina jumps off the freighter

Regina jumped off the freighter with chains wrapped around her. What led her to commit suicide?