Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sawyer revisits the Hydra station, finds Kate's old dress

Sawyer reaches the Hydra island in the canoe and heads to the abandoned Hydra station. He somberly revisits the polar bear cages where he and Kate spent so much time in the first part of season 3. He finds the flowered dress that Ben gave Kate to wear that prior to that belonged to Alex.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Sawyer goes on date with Charlotte, she discovers his Sawyer file

Sawyer meets his date that Miles set up for him at a restaurant, and it turns out to be none other than Charlotte Staples Lewis. She reveals that she travels the world for her work as an archeologist, and she gets him to reveal why he became a cop. He says that he reached a point in his life where he was going to become a criminal or a cop, and he chose to be a cop.

They later have sex at Sawyer's place and after he leaves to get some water, she discovers a blue folder with the name Sawyer written on it in his top drawer while looking for a t-shirt. Inside is an article about his father killing his mother and himself, just like in the original timeline. There is also a photo matching the newspaper photo as well as other negatives and slides inside the folder. When he returns, he snaps at her and forces her to leave.

Also, on his dresser, we can see the books Watership Down (Sawyer was reading it multiple episodes of season 1), A Wrinkle In Time (Sawyer was reading it in season 1's "Numbers") and Lancelot (Sawyer was reading it is season 2's "Maternity Leave").

Locke tells Sawyer he's the smoke monster, sends him to Hydra island

As Locke leads his group across the island, he tells them that they are going to stop and make camp in a clearing for a few days. Sawyer objects to this in front of everyone, wanting to know why they're not leaving the island.

Locke and Sawyer go to talk privately where Locke reveals to Sawyer that he's the black smoke and that he killed the people at the temple when they chose to stay. He says that the people who stayed were convinced that they're protecting the island from the smoke (Locke), so it is either "kill or be killed."

Locke then leads Sawyer to the beach where there's an outrigger canoe sitting. He tells Sawyer to go to the Hydra island and do some recon on the remaining Ajira 316 passengers that he claims may include people that want to do them harm. He says that the plan is to fly the Ajira plane away from the island.

So is any of what Locke is saying true? We know a lot of what he said is a lie, but is the Ajira plane really part of his plan?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Detective Ford is calling Anthony Coopers, hiding it from Miles + Pierre Chang is alive

In the flash sideways, we see Detective James Ford (Sawyer) calling a list of people named Anthony Cooper, telling them that he's looking for the owner of some unclaimed property. He asks one if he was in Alabama in 1976, the same year and place where his parents were killed. He has a list of names, which he scratches out after the first call and is interrupted by Miles during the second.

Sawyer lies to Miles about what he's doing and Miles becomes suspicious when Sawyer temporarily forgets about his supposed vacation in Palm Springs.

Miles also tells Sawyer that he has set him up on a date with a friend who works with his dad, Pierre Chang, at a museum. So in this timeline, it seems that Pierre Chang is not dead, seemingly busting the theory that the island sank when the bomb went off.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Claire says goodbye to squirrel baby, Locke reassures the kids & others

At Claire's shack, she packs up a few things and silently says goodbye to squirrel baby as Kate enters. When Kate asks what that is, Claire says "It's all I had."

Then Locke addresses everyone outside of the shack and tells Cindy and the kids that the black smoke killed those who stayed at the temple. Sayid snaps out of his daze briefly because he knows Locke is the smoke. Locke tells Zach and Emma that he's going to take care of them. He then leads them away from the camp.

We then see a brief exchange between Kate and Sawyer, where we hear Sawyer's repeated sentiment that he's not "with" Locke or anyone.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sawyer is a cop in flash-sideways, Miles is his partner + the numbers

So we enter the flash sideways scene which appears to be Sawyer doing the pigeon drop con which we've saw him do a few times in season 1 and 2. The time on the clock that Ava points out is 8:42, which are two of the numbers.

The tables on Sawyer when Ava pulls a gun. Sawyer tells her that he's a cop and that all he has to do is say the magic word and police will storm the room.

She doesn't buy it, so he says "LaFleur" and cops break down the door and arrest Ava. Miles is one of the detectives and comes in a tosses Sawyer his badge.

That's a nice flip for the flash-sideways timeline and it's good to see Miles and Sawyer's 1970s on island relationship continue off of the island.

Sawyer makes Jin tea, Locke & the others join them at Claire's shack

At Claire's debris campsite, Sawyer is there making some tea for Jin who has been out cold for a while. When Jin wakes up, he says that they should leave before Locke and Claire come back. Sawyer reveals to Jin that he's with Locke who has promised him that he can leave the island. Jin points out that he has to find Sun and Sawyer promises Jin that he won't leave her behind.

Sayid, Claire, Kate and the others come to the camp with Locke and everyone shares some uncomfortable looks.

Charles Widmore returns to the island in a submarine

Just off the island, we see a distant point-of-view shot of the beach camp reunion. Out of the water, a periscope appears. We then see to the point-of-view of the periscope which pans across the beach camp.

Inside the submarine, a man looking through the periscope says that there are people on the beach and asks if they should stop. We see none other than Charles Widmore tell him to proceed as planned.

So what exactly is Charles Widmore doing back at the island and which side in the coming war will he join?

Jack, Hurley & Richard join the beach camp + Miles gets diamonds

Ben rejoins the beach camp to the surprise of the others. He offers to help Sun fix her shelter as Frank keeps a fire going and Miles looks at a diamond (so I guess he dug up Nikki & Paulo). Ilana sits on her own, crying and holding the back of Jacob's ashes.

Then we see an old school beach reunion where Hurley, Jack and Richard come to beach camp. There's a cheerful reunion between Sun, Jack, Hurley, Miles and Frank. Richard is just there since he doesn't really know anyone there that well. Jack meets Ilana and then looks behind everyone to see a slouching, defeated Ben.

It's a great scene and a bit of a peaceful moment before the likely conflict and turmoil that's likely coming.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Ben chooses Alex's well being over job as principal

Back at the school, there's a misdirection where we initially are led to believe that Ben has taken Principal Reynolds job, but then Alex enters, coming to thank the principal for writing her a glowing recommendation. Ben denies having anything to do with the recommendation, even though he did.

When Principal Reynolds enters and questions what Ben is doing there, he says he's just dropping off the  detention sign-up sheet. They he makes a minor power play by telling Alex that the History Club is back on and pushes Reynolds to agree.

Outside, Ben is approached by Arzt who wants to know if he did it. Ben says no and when Arzt whines about not getting his parking space, Ben offers him his. Ben then sees Alex come out of the building with a wide smile. He seems pleased and content with her happiness and walks away.

In this timeline, we see Ben choose Alex over his power. Ben is in a way, redeemed in the flash sideways timeline for his poor decisions on the island, but will he have a chance to redeem himself on the island?

Ben explains why he killed Jacob, Ilana will 'have' him

As Ben runs from Ilana in the jungle, he finds the rifle that Locke told him would be leaning on a tree. In what could be Michael Emerson's best performance to date (though there are so many amazing ones), Ben tell's Ilana why he killed Jacob and about his choosing the island over Alex, leading to her death.

He asks her to let her go and join Locke and when she asks why, he says "Because he's the only one who'll have me." Ilana says "I'll have you," signaling some inkling forgiveness of Ben's murder of Jacob. He then follows her back towards the beach camp.

Ben must once again choose between power & Alex

Ben goes to Principal Reynolds office to make his play to become principal. He presents him with the emails describing Reynolds an the nurse's inappropriate actions. Ben tells him that he wants his job. More specifically, he wants Reynolds to resign and recommend to the school board that he take over as principal.

Then things get sticky. Principal Reynolds shows Ben an email from Alex asking him to write her a recommendation for Yale. He tells Ben that if he continues with his plan, he will "torch" Alex's future.

In this scene, Ben is once again presented with the option of choosing what is more important, Alex or his own ambition and power, just like when Keamy killed Alex in season 4. Reynolds even uses the word "torch," which is what Keamy was going to do to the island.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Locke sets Ben free, wants him to go to Hydra

As Ben gets his own grave dug chest deep, he hears the sounds of the smoke monster approaching. Locke appears behind him, out of Ilana's line of sight.

Ben tells Locke what he's doing and that Locke will get what he wants when Ilana kills him. Locke says that he doesn't want Ben dead and that he went back to the four-toed statue to get him. Locke tells Ben that he is gathering a group of people to leave the island for good, but he wants Ben to be in charge of the island when he leaves (a very different story than when he told Sawyer that no one needed to protect the island).

Locke casually waves his hand which releases the restraint around Ben's ankle. He tells Ben to come to the Hydra island which is where he and his group will be. He says that there's a rifle leaning against a tree 200 yards in the jungle and to get the jump on Ilana and not to hesitate, because she won't.

Ben makes eye contact with Ilana, then makes a break for it.

So how much of what Locke said is the truth? Does he hope that Ben will kill Ilana? Does he really want Ben to be in charge of the island? It seems that Locke is telling each person he's manipulating exactly what they want to hear, in Ben's case, it's that someone thinks that he's of value and capable of bigger things.