Friday, March 26, 2010

Locke tells Sawyer he's the smoke monster, sends him to Hydra island

As Locke leads his group across the island, he tells them that they are going to stop and make camp in a clearing for a few days. Sawyer objects to this in front of everyone, wanting to know why they're not leaving the island.

Locke and Sawyer go to talk privately where Locke reveals to Sawyer that he's the black smoke and that he killed the people at the temple when they chose to stay. He says that the people who stayed were convinced that they're protecting the island from the smoke (Locke), so it is either "kill or be killed."

Locke then leads Sawyer to the beach where there's an outrigger canoe sitting. He tells Sawyer to go to the Hydra island and do some recon on the remaining Ajira 316 passengers that he claims may include people that want to do them harm. He says that the plan is to fly the Ajira plane away from the island.

So is any of what Locke is saying true? We know a lot of what he said is a lie, but is the Ajira plane really part of his plan?

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