Saturday, February 28, 2009

Locke lands in Tunisia, being watched by camera

After Locke turns the frozen donkey wheel, he exits the island and ends up in Tunisia just like Ben did. Locke also threw up just after arriving in Tunisia just like Ben did. It's not surprising, but it seems that leaving the island puts a strain on the body seeing as both Ben and Locke threw up. Locke's leg is still injured and he's in a lot of pain. He tries to stand up but can't. He notices a camera perched on a post with the wire running across the desert connected by occasional telephone poles. Locke screams for help towards the camera, hoping someone will come help him.

The camera and the telephone poles are new additions since Ben left the island. How did Charles Widmore learn where the island's sends people when they leave or did he already know but somehow knew to expect Locke or someone to show up there? Also, does this mean that the two guys on horses who approached Ben in "The Shape of Things to Come" knew about that spot in the desert too? If so, who did they work for?

Locke remembers his death, boats on the Hyra island

It is daylight now on Hydra island and Locke has taken off the jacket, tie and Christian Shephard's shoes. He is standing on the beach gazing across the water at the main island. Ilana walks over and gives him a mango. He asks "Are those your boats?" pointing to the two boats my the tree line. These are the same kind of boats that Locke he and his group found on the beach before he left the island (see photos here and here from "The Little Prince"). Ilana tells Locke that there were three boats, but the pilot (Frank Lappidus) and a woman took one and ran off in the middle of the night. Locke asks if she has a passenger list for the flight, but she tells him to talk to Caesar. He bites into the mango and says "I think this is the best mango I've ever eaten." Ilana tells Locke that no one remembers him being on the plane and Locke says "Well I don't remember being on it either." As the conversation continues, Locke says "I think this suit is what they were going to bury me in." He continues and says "I remember dying." Ilana looks spooked, shakes her head slightly and walks away.

So Locke remembers dying and knows why he's dressed in the suit. It seems that he's curious to see who else was on the plane, most likely wondering if Jack, Kate and any of his other old "friends" were on board. Where did the boats came from and who did they belonged to originally? Why did Frank take one of the boats and who is the woman that he left with? Was Caesar and this group of survivors the ones shooting at Locke, Sawyer, Juliet, Miles, Daniel and Charlotte in "The Little Prince"?

John Locke is alive on Hydra island, flight 316 is intact

As Ilana takes Caesar to the man (John Locke) that was found standing in the water, they walk past the flight 316 airplane. In the overhead shot, it appears that the plane is intact. Frank must be a damn good pilot.

When the get to the campsite, the other survivors of the crash are standing around a fire staring at a man with an Ajira Airways blanket over his head. Caesar bends down in front of Locke and introduces himself and asks for his name. Locke pulls the blanket from his head and simply says "My name is John Locke."

This was a simple scene but very powerful. How did the plane land on the Hydra island intact? How did Locke end up out of the coffin when he was resurrected?

Friday, February 27, 2009

Caesar plunders through the Hydra Station office, Ilana interrupts

This week's episode started with a mysterious scene in a dark office which we later learn is an office in the Dharma Initiative's Hydra Station. Caesar is rummaging through the office and finds a Life magazine from April 19, 1954 with a cover story about hydrogen bomb tests. He then breaks open a file cabinet and pulls out a file folder. The folder contains a copy of a page from Daniel's journal (photos 17 and 18: we saw this page in the journal in "The Constant") and an updated version of the map Daniel and Charlotte used to find The Tempest (photos 15 and 16: we saw this map in "The Other Woman") . it also contains one of the maps of the island that Danielle Rousseau had (photos 13 and 14).

Caesar then finds a loaded gun under the desk and puts it in his bag. Ilana walks in and asks what he put in the bag and Caesar lies and pulls out a flashlight which he tosses to her. She then tells him that someone named Roxanne was scouting just south of where they are and found a man standing in the water wearing a suit. We learn moments later that the man was John Locke. More on that in the next post.

So when are they on the island and how long have they been there? They know each other's names and are already scouting the island, so how much time has passed since they got to the island? Also, what is Caesar up to and why is he hiding a gun? It feels a bit like the secrets kept between the 815 surivivors in the first few seasons.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Jin is driving Dharma van, finds Jack, Hurley and Kate

At the end of the episode, we what happened immediately after the first scene of the episode with Jack, Kate and Hurley on the island. Kate asks "Where's the plane?" and Jack responds "I don't know. After that light, I woke up in the jungle." None of them remember crashing. Moments later they hear a vehicle and music. A shiny blue Dharma Van rolls up next to the lagoon and who gets out wearing a Dharma jumpsuit and holding a gun but Jin. Hurley says his name and Jin looks shocked.

The song Jin was listening to was "Excelsior Lady" by The Donkeys from their album Living on the Other Side released in 2008!? What does it mean that he's listening to music from 2008? Is it possible that Dharma is somehow back in 2008?

So when are they on the island? How did Jin end up with the Dharma Initiative? Also, the Dharma logo on Jin's jumpsuit is one we haven't seen before. Check it out in the last photo.