Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Jack goes to Simon's Butcher Shop, meets Jill, gives Locke Christian's shoes

Jack goes to Simon's Butcher Shop where Jill is keeping Locke's body. Jack finds the shop closed and the doors locked but Jill lets him in. He knows who Jill is and we already knew that Jill knew about Jack. It seems odd that Jack knew who Jill was because Ben didn't mention her during their brief phone conversation. I think it may have been a bit of a slip up. Moving on, Jill leads Jack to the back of the shop where Locke's body is and leaves him while she pulls the van around.

Jack takes this opportunity alone with Locke to give him Christian's shoes and to share a few thoughts with him. Jack says "Wherever you are John, you must be laughing your ass off that I'm actually doing this. Cause this, this is even crazier than you are." He then puts Locke's sucide note to him in Locke's jacket and says "I've already heard everything you had to say John. You wanted me to go back and I'm going back." Jack then starts to close the coffin and tells Locke to "Rest in peace" before closing it up.

Was this the moment that Jack finally takes the leap of faith or is he just hedging his bet in order to get back to the island? Either way, it was a heavy scene.

You'll notice that the the butcher shop in this scene is a different location than the one we saw in "The Lie." Also, this time the shop is know as Simon's Butcher Shop as opposed to just "Butcher Shop." It's worth noting that Charlie Pace's father was named Simon and he was a butcher.

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