Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The group boards Ajira flight 316, flight takes off

Jack and Hurley go to board the plane and are greeted by one of the flight attendants, Rupa Krishnavani. They board the plane and Sayid, Ilana, Kate and Sun are already on the plane. Jack is seated in row 8 (hello numbers again). Sayid seems surprised to see Jack on the plane but quickly checks his reaction. Kate's eyes are red and she has obviously been crying again. Hurley boards with the guitar which we can still only assume has something to do with Charlie.

Ben rushes to the plane right as the flight attendants are about to close the door. Sayid seems really shocked to see Ben board the plane and Hurley freaks out when he sees him. Hurley screams "No, no he can't come!" while Jack tries to calm him down. Hurley then says "No one told me he was going to be here." Ben replies "Who told you to be here Hugo?" Jack manages to calm everything down before Rupa gets too involved and then she hands him Locke's suicide note which was pulled from the coffin during the security screening. Once they reach their seats, Jack asks Ben what is going to happen to the other people on the plane and Ben coldly replies "Who cares."

When the plane takes off, an Oceanic airplane can be seen taxiing in the background (photos 13 and 14).

After the plane is in the air and seat belt sign is turned off, Jack gets up to talk to Kate. Jack tells her how amazing it is that Hurley and Sayid are on the plane and asks "How did they end up here?" Kate's reply is "They bought a ticket." Jack thinks it means something that they're all back together on the plane. Kate says that they're on the same plane but that doesn't mean that they're together.

At that point, a familiar pilot's voice comes over the intercom. Everyone, even Kate, seems shocked when he introduces himself as Frank J. Lappidus. Jack gets up and asks Rupa if he can talk to Frank because they are old friends. A few moments later, a clean shaven, sober Frank Lappidus emerges from the cockpit. Frank apparently picked the gig up eight months ago and regularly flies this route. He stops in mid-sentence when he notices everyone else in first class. Then Frank pretty calmly says, "We're not going to Guam, are we?"

That's a lot to taken in. There are a lot parallels between this flight at 815. Ben is late just like Hurley was. Sayid is in law enforcement custody just like Kate was. And last but not least, Frank is flying the plane and he was supposed to be flying 815.

Who told Hurley to be on the plane and who did they tell him was "supposed" to be there? Kate is still being distant while Jack seems to start embracing the "man of faith" role even more. And you have to love how cool Frank is about the not going to Guam thing and it was great to see him again.

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