Saturday, February 28, 2009

John Locke is alive on Hydra island, flight 316 is intact

As Ilana takes Caesar to the man (John Locke) that was found standing in the water, they walk past the flight 316 airplane. In the overhead shot, it appears that the plane is intact. Frank must be a damn good pilot.

When the get to the campsite, the other survivors of the crash are standing around a fire staring at a man with an Ajira Airways blanket over his head. Caesar bends down in front of Locke and introduces himself and asks for his name. Locke pulls the blanket from his head and simply says "My name is John Locke."

This was a simple scene but very powerful. How did the plane land on the Hydra island intact? How did Locke end up out of the coffin when he was resurrected?

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