Monday, February 23, 2009

Jack goes to see his grandfather Ray Shephard, gets Christian's shoes

Jack goes to a retirement home and talks to Mr. Dorsey about his grandfather, Ray Shephard. It seems that Ray has made numerous attempts to escape from the home and is at risk of getting kicked out. Jack finds Ray watching a magic show, which incidentally features a white rabbit, an animal we've seen many times before on the island.

Jack and Ray go to Ray's room where there is a suitcase sitting on the bed. Jack asks where the bus Ray was on was headed, but all Ray says is "Any where it goes is somewhere better than here." Jack goes to help Ray unpack and finds a pair of Christian's shoes in the suitcase. It seems that Ray accidentally packed the shoes when attempting to quickly escape the home. Jack takes the shoes.

Ray was Christian's father who gave him the watch which Christian passes on to Jack in the mobisode "The Watch." Ray is also Claire's grandfather and Aaron's great-grandfather.

It seems that it is fate or possibly the power of the island that Jack's phone rings right before he takes a drink. And then Ray just happens to have Christian's shoes when Jack is supposed to give Locke something belonging to Christian. Things seemed to fall into place quite easily for Jack to push him even further towards faith.

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