Saturday, April 18, 2009

Miles visits his sick mom to find out about his father

In this flashback, Miles is much older and has a lot of piercings and spiked hair. He goes to the apartment his mother (Lara) rented when he was a child which is where she still lives. He knocks and a caregiver named Evelyn answers the door and lets him in.

Miles goes to his mother's room where she is lying in bed, surrounded by medications and medical equipment. She is incredibly sick and losing her hair. Miles wakes her up and apologizes for not coming by sooner. Miles asks her to tell him "Why I'm this way" and how he does the things he does. He also asks why she won't tell him about his father. She tells him that his father never cared for them. Miles asks where he his and his mother eventually tells him that he's dead. She tells Miles that his father kicked them out when Miles was just a baby and that he didn't want anything to do with them. She tells him that his dad has been dead for a long time. Miles asks her "Where's his body?" She says "Somewhere you can never go."

Did Miles' father really not care for them, or was he trying to get them off of the island like Charlotte's mom took her away? Is it possible that they left because of the "incident?" Why does his mother want to keep him away from the island?

Friday, April 17, 2009

Miles is given a body by Radzinsky to take back to Horace

Miles drives out to grid 334 and Radzinsky jumps out of the jungle pointing a gun at the van. Radzinksy tells Miles that he was expecting LaFleur (Sawyer). Miles tells Radzinksy that LaFleur was busy so Horace sent him and that he's in the "circle of trust." Miles gives Radzinsky the item and tells him that he supposed to take something back to Horace. Radzinksy whistles and two guys come out of the jungle with a body. Radzinsky rolls out the body bag while the two guys carry the body of a worker named Alverez. Radzinksy tells Miles he fell into a ditch. Miles notices a hole in Alverez's head and asks "Did the ditch have a gun?" Radzinsky tells Miles that knowing what happened is not his job. The two guys load the body into the back of the van. As the two guys are walking away from the van, we can see the Swan station logo on their jumpsuits. Once they go back into the jungle, Miles unzips the body bag and says "Ok, so what really happened?"

At this point we don't know what happened to Alverez, but because of the Swan logo, we could assume it happened during the station's construction. Fortunately, Miles is going to talk to Alverez and find out what actually happened. That information comes later though.

Miles reads March 1977 Sports Illustrated, given body bag by Horace

At the Dharma security center, Miles is reading a Sports Illustrated Magazine from March 14, 1977 with Tommy Lasorda on the cover. Sawyer calls him on his walkie and asks him to erase the security tape from the sonic fence pylon camera. Miles asks which ones and Sawyer tells him to look on the monitors. The camera they are at is number 4 (one of the numbers). Sawyer tells him that if anyone asks where he is, tell them that he's out looking for Sayid. During the conversation, Miles tries to get Sawyer to tell him what's going on, but Sawyer says there's no time. Miles seems peeved that he won't tell him why he's erasing the tape. Sawyer tells Kate to go back to Juliet and see if anyone has noticed that Ben is missing.

Miles ejects the tape for camera 4 from the VRT machine. As the tape is ejecting, Horace comes in looking for Sawyer (actually LaFleur). Miles tells him he's out looking for the escaped prisoner. Horace tells Miles that he's going to bring him into the circle of trust. He hands him a rolled up body bag, though Miles doesn't know this yet. Horace tells him to drive it out to grid 334 and give it to Radzinsky who will give him something to bring back. Horace says to bring it back to him "With no questions asked." Miles says that they are not supposed to be in grid 334 because it is hostile territory. Horace says "Welcome to the circle of trust." Miles heads out on his way and we can see that he's left the security tape in the machine.

While the Sports Illustrated magazine isn't an exact gauge of when they are in 1977, it's a good indicator. Obviously there periodicals are probably a bit outdated, but it's fair to assume that it's no later than summer 1977.

Also, the VTR machine on the bottom on both sides is VTR-239 and the tape from camera 4 is numbered GND-2398923-TP4. The number 4 appears again as well as 23 three times. Numbers, numbers everywhere.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Young Miles hears and finds dead man in an apartment

The episodes opens with a microwave showing the time 3:16, the same number as the Ajira flight. Miles' mother Lara is being shown an apartment by a man named Trevor. A young Miles comes to the door and asks his mom for a quarter for the vending machine. Trevor is hesitant to rent the apartment to Lara because she has a child, but Lara tells him that Miles is very quiet. Lara gives Miles a quarter and he heads out into the courtyard.

As Miles approaches the vending machine, he slows down and sees a man lying dead on a floor. He looks towards apartment #4 (one of the numbers) and goes to the door and places his hand on it. He looks down at a rabbit statue (hello white rabbit reference) and looks under it to find a key to the door. He opens the door and looks stunned.

Miles yells for his mom and she and Trevor head towards the apartment. When they enter, Miles is standing at the far side of the room. The same body that Miles saw in his head is lying on the floor. Trevor says the man's name is Mr. Vonner. Lara asks Miles what he is doing in there. Miles says "He was all alone. He's scared. His chest hurt. He kept calling out for Kimberly." Trevor says Kimberly was Mr. Vonner's wife who died last year. He asks Miles how he knows that. Miles says "I heard him. He's still talking right now." Lara says that he's dead. Miles starts screaming he can hear him and covers his ears.

So Miles' ability has been present since an early age. Why does he have this ability though? Was it caused by the island?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Under the temple wall #4: Alex tells Ben to follow Locke

After the monster disappears, Ben's torch relights. He then hears a voice say "Daddy?" and he turns around to see his dead daughter Alex. Ben tells her that he's "So, so sorry. It was all my fault." Alex says "I know" and then grabs him by the collar and throws him against one of the pillars. She says "Listen to me you bastard! I know that you're already planning to kill John again. I want you to know if you so much as touch him, I will hunt you down and destroy you. You will listen to every word that John Locke says and you will follow his every order. Do you understand?" Ben nods and Alex grabs him and screams "Say it! Say you'll follow him." Ben says "Yes I will, I'll follow him I swear." Alex pushes him again and she backs away. Ben starts to cry again and then looks up and Alex is gone.

Ben picks up his torch and then hears Locke calling him. Locke lowers a vine for Ben to climb up and he asks him what happened. Ben says in a weak voice "It let me live."

This part of the scene is similar to when Mr. Eko was approached by his brother Yemi in season 3. It seems that Eko was not spared by the monster because he refused to admit that he had sinned while Ben was remorseful and apologetic for the mistakes he made with Alex. Will Alex's stern warning be enough to make Ben change his stripes and follow Locke? It seems like it might.