Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Under the temple wall #4: Alex tells Ben to follow Locke

After the monster disappears, Ben's torch relights. He then hears a voice say "Daddy?" and he turns around to see his dead daughter Alex. Ben tells her that he's "So, so sorry. It was all my fault." Alex says "I know" and then grabs him by the collar and throws him against one of the pillars. She says "Listen to me you bastard! I know that you're already planning to kill John again. I want you to know if you so much as touch him, I will hunt you down and destroy you. You will listen to every word that John Locke says and you will follow his every order. Do you understand?" Ben nods and Alex grabs him and screams "Say it! Say you'll follow him." Ben says "Yes I will, I'll follow him I swear." Alex pushes him again and she backs away. Ben starts to cry again and then looks up and Alex is gone.

Ben picks up his torch and then hears Locke calling him. Locke lowers a vine for Ben to climb up and he asks him what happened. Ben says in a weak voice "It let me live."

This part of the scene is similar to when Mr. Eko was approached by his brother Yemi in season 3. It seems that Eko was not spared by the monster because he refused to admit that he had sinned while Ben was remorseful and apologetic for the mistakes he made with Alex. Will Alex's stern warning be enough to make Ben change his stripes and follow Locke? It seems like it might.

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