Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ben tells Sun that 'dead is dead,' Locke knows how to find smokey

Sun is sitting on a bench outside Ben's house when Ben comes out looking for the smoke monster. Ben asks Sun where Locke went and she says that he said that he had something to do. Ben asks if he said what he need to do and Sun says she didn't ask. Sun says to Ben that Jack must have lied about Locke being dead. Sun says that it's the only explanation. Ben tells her that Jack didn't lie and that Locke was dead. As sun objects, Ben tells her "Trust me, I'm sure." Sun says "So you knew this would happen to Locke if we brought him back here?" Ben says "Sun, I had no idea it would happen. I've seen this island do miraculous things, I've seen it heal the sick, but never once has it done anything like this." He then says "Dead is dead. You don't get to come back from that, not even here. So the fact that John Locke is walking around this island, scares the living hell out of me."

At that moment they hear movement in the jungle. Ben tells Sun that she may want to go inside because what's about to come out of the jungle is something he can't control. Locke then comes walking out of the jungle. Ben tells him that the smoke monster hasn't shown up yet. Locke says that last time they didn't have to wait this long. Ben says "It's not a train John, it doesn't run on a schedule." Locke says that if it won't come to them then they'll have to go to it. Ben says that he only knows how to summon it and he doesn't know where it is. Locke says "I do." This once again, scares the crap out of Ben.

In the brief scene following the break, Locke tells Sun that it's weird for him too that he's alive, on the island. He assures her though that he's the same man he's always been (he does seem a lot more confident now though). Ben comes our of the house and tells Locke to lead the way.

So Ben, not surprisingly, lied to Locke about knowing he would be resurrected. He seems sincere when he tells Sun he had no idea he would come back to life.

Also, why did the smoke monster to come to them when summoned this time? Did the island want them to go to it? Where did Locke go and did someone, possibly Jacob, tell him where they needed to go?

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