Friday, April 17, 2009

Miles is given a body by Radzinsky to take back to Horace

Miles drives out to grid 334 and Radzinsky jumps out of the jungle pointing a gun at the van. Radzinksy tells Miles that he was expecting LaFleur (Sawyer). Miles tells Radzinksy that LaFleur was busy so Horace sent him and that he's in the "circle of trust." Miles gives Radzinsky the item and tells him that he supposed to take something back to Horace. Radzinksy whistles and two guys come out of the jungle with a body. Radzinsky rolls out the body bag while the two guys carry the body of a worker named Alverez. Radzinksy tells Miles he fell into a ditch. Miles notices a hole in Alverez's head and asks "Did the ditch have a gun?" Radzinsky tells Miles that knowing what happened is not his job. The two guys load the body into the back of the van. As the two guys are walking away from the van, we can see the Swan station logo on their jumpsuits. Once they go back into the jungle, Miles unzips the body bag and says "Ok, so what really happened?"

At this point we don't know what happened to Alverez, but because of the Swan logo, we could assume it happened during the station's construction. Fortunately, Miles is going to talk to Alverez and find out what actually happened. That information comes later though.

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