Monday, April 13, 2009

Ben finds Sun and Frank in his house, learns the others are in 1977

Locke and Ben arrive back at the barracks. Locke asks Ben if it was his idea to move the others into the barracks after the Dharma folk were killed. Ben asks "Do you disapprove John?" Locke says "It just doesn't seem like something the island would want." Ben replies "You don't have the first idea what this island wants." Locke says "Are you sure about that?" Ben seems to be growing increasingly worried that Locke is starting to understand the island better than him.

At that moment, a light comes on in Alex's room in Ben's old house. A figure walks past the window. Locke tells Ben that he should go check it out. Inside the house, things are all over the floor, the bookshelf is in disarray and the game of Risk that Locke, Sawyer and Hurley were playing last season is still as the left it. Ben goes down the hall towards Alex's room and sees a shadow pass under the door. Ben quickly opens the door and scares Sun. Frank rushes in from another room. Ben asks what they are doing in his old house and Frank picks up the Dharma Initiative new recruit photo from 1977. Ben looks at it and is stunned that Jack, Hurley and Kate were part of the Dharma Initiative. Sun seems surprised that Ben doesn't already know this and he claims he does not. Ben asks where they got the photo and Frank tells him that they met a crazy old man outside. Sun says his name was Christian and Ben's face immeidately reacts to the name. Sun says Christian told them to come inside and wait for John Locke. Frank says "Considering he's dead, we ain't holding our breathe." Ben tells them to look outside. Sun and Frank go to the window and see Locke who waves at them.

So how exactly is Locke supposed to help Sun reunite with Jin who is 30 years in the past? Have the buildings the barracks really not been touched since December 2004? Did the others never come back there or did something happen to them? We haven't seen the others yet in 2007.

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