Saturday, April 18, 2009

Miles visits his sick mom to find out about his father

In this flashback, Miles is much older and has a lot of piercings and spiked hair. He goes to the apartment his mother (Lara) rented when he was a child which is where she still lives. He knocks and a caregiver named Evelyn answers the door and lets him in.

Miles goes to his mother's room where she is lying in bed, surrounded by medications and medical equipment. She is incredibly sick and losing her hair. Miles wakes her up and apologizes for not coming by sooner. Miles asks her to tell him "Why I'm this way" and how he does the things he does. He also asks why she won't tell him about his father. She tells him that his father never cared for them. Miles asks where he his and his mother eventually tells him that he's dead. She tells Miles that his father kicked them out when Miles was just a baby and that he didn't want anything to do with them. She tells him that his dad has been dead for a long time. Miles asks her "Where's his body?" She says "Somewhere you can never go."

Did Miles' father really not care for them, or was he trying to get them off of the island like Charlotte's mom took her away? Is it possible that they left because of the "incident?" Why does his mother want to keep him away from the island?

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