Sunday, April 12, 2009

Locke and Ben get back to the main island

Locke and Ben arrive at the pier on the main island. Ben ties the boat up, looks at the island and says "Home sweet home." Locke points out the other canoe and Ben says that it is Sun and Frank's. Ben mentions that he told Sun where to go and then she hit him with a paddle. Locke asks if she was the one that hurt his arm and Ben says that someone else hurt his arm. Locke says "You just make friends everywhere you go, don't you." Ben says that he's found that sometimes friends can be more dangerous than enemies. Ben tells Locke that he shot Caesar with the gun he was going to shoot Locke with and he couldn't let that happen. Locke replies "No sense in me dying twice, right?" Ben just replies "You're welcome." While this conversation is going on, Locke is putting his shoes back on, the one's that belonged to Christian Shephard.

Locke says/asks if they're going back to Ben's old house. Ben says yes, it's the only place he can summon the monster. He says "Once it arrives I'll either be forgiven, or I won't." Locke says that Ben is lying. He says that Ben does not want to be judged for leaving the island and coming back because it's against the rules. He says Ben wants to be judged for killing his daughter, Alex.

The pier looks less damaged in the daylight in this scene than it did at night when Frank and Sun arrived. Their are no barrels or other debris floating in the water. Also, Locke seems to have really nailed Ben with his thought on his judgment as we see later in the episode.

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