Saturday, April 11, 2009

Ben shoots Caesar, he and Locke take a canoe

Ben and Locke uncover one of the canoes so they can go to the main island. There are only supposed to be two left after Sun and Frank took one, but there is clearly three in the first shot. This seems like a mistake by the set designers.

As they are uncovering one of the canoes, Caesar and three other guys come up asks what they're doing. Locke says they're taking one of the canoes to the main island. Caesar says "I don' think so my friend." Locke asks him if they're his boats and Caesar replies "Are they yours?" Locke tells Caesar that the boats were found there so he's just going to borrow one and he'll leave the other one if they want to follow them. Caesar asks Ben if he's going and Ben says that he wasn't given a choice. Caesar says he's calling the shots and they cannot take a a canoe. He says that Locke needs to sit down and tell him how he knows so much about the island adding a "My friend" at the end. Locke says that Caesar's in the habit of calling people friend, but he doesn't really mean it. Locke tells him that they're taking the boat and Caesar is going to let them. Caesar reaches for the gun in his bag but it's not there. Ben pulls it out and shoot Caesar in the chest. He turns to the other guys with Caesar and says that he and Locke are taking a boat and asks "Does anyone else have a problem with that?" They all back away and shake their heads indicating "no." Ben tosses the gun to Locke and says "Consider that my apology."

So is that the end of Caesar? Did the producers introduce this new character in multiple episodes just to be shot? There's always a good chance that Caesar will turn up in flashbacks when we learn more about the other people on Ajira 316.

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