Friday, April 10, 2009

Ilana and Bram moving a crate, Ben talks to Caesar about Locke

On the beach of the Hydra island, there is a wide shot of the beach with the Ajira 316 plane still visible in the background. Ilana, Bram and some others are around a large, silver crate. Ben asks Ilana what it is and she just says it's "Some stuff we need to get moved." Ben asks if they need a hand and Bram says that they've got it.

Ben grabs an Ajira water bottle from a suitcase as Caesar approaches him to ask how he is feeling. Ben just says it feels like somebody hit him with a oar. Caesar asks Ben what he thinks of Locke who is standing at the edge of the water behind them. Ben asks Caesar what Locke told him. Caesar says that Locke was watching over Ben while he was unconscious and that Locke says that Ben killed him. Ben just laughs and plays it off saying "He looks fine to me." Ben then says that he doesn't remember Locke from the plane and asks Caesar "Do you?" Caesar says no and Ben says "What if he was here before we crashed." He continues saying "We may be dealing with a man who is dangerously deranged" and then asks the question "What are we going to do about it?" Caesar tells Ben not to worry and shows him the gun he took from the Hydra office. Caesar says "I've got your back." Caesar extends his hand and introduces himself and Ben does the same.

It seemed here that Ben was trying to betray Locke once again but it appears that he was making Caesar paranoid in order to find out what he knows and what his plans are. Clever, clever Ben.

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