Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Kate tells Sawyer about Clementine, the others ambush them

Kate and Sawyer are walking through the jungle and Sawyer is carrying Ben. When Kate asks about Ben letting Sayid out, Sawyer says that a kid will do almost anything if he's pissed off enough at his folks. Kate asks if that's why he wanted her to take car of his daughter Clementine. Sawyer asks what she's like and Kate says that she's beautiful and looks just like Sawyer when she smiles. Kate continues saying that Clementine is growing up fast and already as a little attitude. Kate then tells Sawyer that Cassidy said he jumped from the chopper because he was afraid of what would happen if he didn't. Sawyer tells Kate that they wouldn't have worked out and that he was no more fit to be her boyfriend than he is to be Clementine's father. When Kate says that Sawyer seems to be doing alright with Juliet, he says that he's done a lot of growing up in the past three years.

At that moment, they are captured by the others led by a guy named Erik. Erik tells them that they're violating the truce and Sawyer tells him that Ben has been shot which is both of their problems. Sawyer says unless they want to go to war, then he needs to take them to Richard Alpert.

So will this conversation mark the end of the Sawyer/Kate relationship? It's doubtful, but who knows.

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