Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Juliet sends Roger to the medical station, Kate sets off with Ben for the others

At the infirmary, Roger Linus is pacing outside until Juliet comes out and tells him that Ben is stable. She gives him a list of items to go get from the medical station. Roger thanks her for what she's doing and then goes.

During the conversation, Kate is sitting not too far away. Juliet tells her that Ben is not any better, but he is stable. She says that she isn't going to be able to fix him. Kate suggests taking him off the island on the submarine, but Juliet says that it won't be back for a couple months. Juliet tells him that Ben is going to die. She then tells Kate that "they" might be able to help him, meaning the others.

Juliet and Kate take Ben on a stretcher and put him into a Dharma van. Juliet starts to go with Kate, but Kate tells her to stay because she has a life there and Sawyer would kill her if she got Juliet involved. Juliet tells Kate that when Sawyer realizes Ben's gone, she'll have to tell him the truth, but she'll give her as much of a head start as she can. Kate then drives off.

Here's what bothers me about this scene. How is it that they can load Ben into a van and Kate can leave with him without anyone noticing? The Dharma folk are supposedly on high alert after Sayid escaped unless they're all out in the jungle looking for him. Either way, it seems like someone would notice Kate leaving with Ben.

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