Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Kate tells Carole Littleton about Aaron, leaves him with her

Back off the island, Kate goes to Carole Littleton's hotel and tells her that Aaron is her grandson. She also tells her that Claire is alive on the island and they left other people behind too. She tells her that Claire disappeared and left Aaron behind which is why she took him. Carole asks why she lied and why she didn't come to her in the first place. Kate tells her that she need Aaron and she apologizes. She shows Carole a picture of Aaron and tells him that he is in a room two doors down. Kate tells Carole that she told Aaron about his grandmother and that Carole will take care of him while Kate is gone. Kate tells her that she's going back to the island to find Claire.

In the other hotel room with Aaron, Kate weeps over him for a moment before kissing him on the forehead and leaving him there. Her next stop is presumably Jack's place when he finds her crying in his bed.

So after all of the misdirection, Kate does leave Aaron with the most obvious person, his grandmother. Kate spent this episode telling the truth to both Cassidy and Carole. The question is, will either of them tell anyone else the truth? If so, what happens next?

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