Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Orchid orientation video

Here's the famed Orchid orientation video that was first teased at Comic-Con last summer. In the intro text, The Orchid is listed as station 6 of 6. In the video, we see Marvin Candle going by the name Edgar Halliwax. He is holding a white rabbit with the number 15 on it and begins to explain that island's unique properties have created a kind of Casimir effect which allows Dharma to conduct experiments in space and time. The vault was built next to a pocket of what they believe to be negatively charged exotic matter and inorganic materials and especially metal should not be placed in the chamber. Halliwax says the electromagnetic energy of the island can be highly volitale and unpredictable as he places bunny #15 in the inside the vault. In the experiment the will attempt to shift the #15 100ms ahead in 4-dimensional space. He then says, "for the briefest of moments, the animal will seem to disappear, but in reality...," then the tape begins to rewind on it's own.

My guess is that anymore explanation of the station might give away to many island secrets. There are still two seasons to reveal more information.

Michael uses liquid nitrogen to delay the explosion

Michael has a plan to use liquid nitrogen to freeze the battery so the c-4 cannot be detonated. Later in the episode, the tank begins to run low.

Entrace to The Orchid elevator

Jack and Locke discuss destiny and the need for Jack and the other to lie when they leave the island. Ben arrives and helps Locke find the anthuriums, since Locke doesn't know what they look like. They gain access to the elevator that will take them down to The Orchid and leave Jack to leave the island.

Locke leaves Jack with these words "Lie to them Jack. If you do it half as well as you lie to yourself, they'll believe you."

Walt visits Hurley at Santa Rosa

Walt's grandmother/Michael's mother brings Walt (who has done some serious growing) to visit Hurley at Santa Rosa. When they arrive, Hurley is opening a Molly Fisher Fruit Roll-Up (it's a little random). Walt's grandmother wants Hurley to assure her that he won't do anything crazy if she lets Walt talk to him. Walt and Hurley have a conversation about why no one visited him after the Oceanic 6 returned. Walt also tells Hurley that Jeremy Bentham came to visit him. Walt wants to know why everyone is lying about what happened and Hurley tells him it's to keep those who were left behind safe, like his dad (Michael). Hurley doesn't seem to know that Michael died.

Also, in the second screen, there are letters on the wall. Some have wondered if it's an anagram. The Letters are Y M O H K E U T 7. It appears that there are at least two more letters on the wall that are obstructed by people. Care to come up with a possible answer? Leave a comment at let me know what you think.

Sayid vs. Keamy, plus Richard Alpert

In probably the best fight in Lost history, Sayid takes on Keamy. It's a brutal fight which is highlighted by Sayid stabbing Keamy with his own knife. Sayid also attacks Keamy with a tree branch before the situation changes and Keamy pins Sayid and attempts to choke him with the branch. Sayid appears to be struggling to breathe when Richard Alpert steps in a shoots Keamy numerous times in the back, seemingly leaving him for dead. Kate uses Keamy's bloody knife to cut Ben's hands free from the restraints.

The others attack Keamy's team

Kate cons Keamy into thinking the others are chasing her and as they're distracted, the others move into place to attack. They use there old school tactics like swinging down from trees, tripping their enemies and using a stun gun before tossing a grenade at Keamy. He kicks it towards Omar who is thrown through the air by the explosion.